SO SAD: Woman drinks poison after 4 women besieged her home demanding money she owed them

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A GROUP of women from Zimta Park in Mutare learnt the hard way that exerting undue pressure to recover money owed by someone is not only illegal, but can end tragically after their debtor committed suicide as they waited for her outside her house.

Police in Manicaland confirmed the death of Violet Tome last week on Thursday after she consumed poison when four women besieged her house demanding the money she owed them.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Nobert Muzondo told The Manica Post that Tome took some poison in her house in Zimta Park after a group of ladies who wanted to recover their money stormed her home.

“Violet Tome owed these ladies an undisclosed amount of money and they went to her house to collect their dues. She went into her bedroom as the women were waiting for her outside. They wanted to go to Chikanga Police Station to solve the matter.

“While in her bedroom, she consumed poison. Tome later joined the women and they proceeded to Chikanga Police Station. While at the police station, her condition deteriorated and she was rushed to St Joseph’s Mission Hospital.

“She died upon arrival at the hospital,” said Inspector Muzondo.

When The Manica Post visited Tome’s home in Zimta Park a few days after her burial, her relatives refused to grant this newspaper an interview.

However, sources in the neighbourhood said one Tome’s creditors had confiscated her television set and some solar batteries.

“Tome had received about US$1 500 from the ladies who had engaged her as a runner to collect their goods from South Africa for resale here in Zimbabwe.

“It appears the deceased squandered the money. The ladies then went to Tome’s house and asked her to accompany them to the police to solve the matter.

“In the midst of all this drama, one of the ladies grabbed a television set and some solar batteries from the deceased’s home.

‘‘Tome went to her bedroom while the ladies were waiting for her outside and she consumed the poison,” said the source.
Another source said the deceased’s relatives refused to take back the confiscated television set and solar batteries, insisting that they should only return the goods when the deceased returns home.

When contacted for comment, Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha) president, Mr George Kandiero said whoever confiscated the deceased’s property is in trouble.

“It is obvious that the lady died an angry person and that anger, emanating from her life being cut short because of people who were demanding their money back, will lead her spirit to avenge for her death.

“This is why her relatives refused to take back the confiscated property. There is need to redress this situation if the ladies concerned want to lead peaceful lives,” said Mr Kandiero.

— Manica Post

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