3 cattle should be killed for cleansing purposes: Woman falls into a trance at Ginimbi’s nightclub


NELLY Kadungure, the sister of the late businessman and socialite, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, celebrated her Silver Jubilee birthday in style at Dreams Nite Club.

The event, which culminated into a musical and fashion show, attracted well-to-do guests from more than seven countries.

Guests came from the UK, US, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

As expected, the event was marked with elegance and swag.

For a stranger, it was more of a Ginimbi show as the guests popped expensive champagne.


Nelly appeared to be copying from the late Ginimbi’s template given her late brother was known for shaking the city each time he partied.

Like most of Ginimbi’s birthdays, Nelly did not accept cash presents.

The only difference was that it was a cash bar unlike Ginimbi, who would make sure his inner circle downed expensive liquor on his account.

Nelly came clad in a red outfit while rolling in matching sleek wheels, befitting such a high-profile event.

Nelly changed twice and was all over like her late brother who would make sure he called the shots, each time he hosted his events.

For the first time in months, parking was already taken by midnight.

Late comers were parked along Seventh Avenue.

It was a big pay-day for parking marshals and street kids.

Taxi drivers had a bad day in office as the majority of the guests came driving in their posh vehicles, befitting Ginimbi’s lifestyle.

Music shows

Nelly, who now calls herself Nelimbi, invited the trio of ExQ, Nox and Jah Signal to provide entertainment.

The three entertainers used to perform at Dreams during the late businessman’s time.

The trio did not disappoint with Jah Signal stealing the show.

Ladies men, ExQ and Nox, serenaded guests with a sleek selection of love songs.

It was indeed a night to remember for the guests.

Nelly has also kept Ginimbi’s inner circle intact with the likes of socialite and events management guru, Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa prominent at the party.

GInimbi’s most-trusted lieutenant and wheel-spinner, DJ Rimo, graced the event and thrilled fans.

Meanwhile, there was drama when an unidentified woman, who appeared to be in a trance, approached Nelly claiming they didn’t follow the tradition when they organised the party.

The woman, who was blocked from talking to Nelly, could be heard saying:

“You were supposed to buy three beasts that were supposed to be killed for cleansing purposes at this night club before any show.

“Failure to do so will certainly invite trouble in the form of misfortunes like more mysterious deaths.

“Ginimbi died on his way from a birthday bash and the same can happen if you don’t listen to me.”

The party ended yesterday around 5am.

Like any other gathering of this magnitude, some fans lost their valuables like cellphones.

One of the girls, who was accused of stealing a cellphone, was stripped naked.

— HMetro

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