Well-known shop manager collapses and dies after catching wife red-handed in bed with boyfriend


Crazy things are happening!

It is said back in the day, women used to cook like their mothers but today, they now drink like their fathers.

Blabber is compelled to add that now, some of them not only drink like their fathers, but are also cheating on their spouses like never before.

In fact, the marriage as an institution has lost its sanctity because not only the men are cheating.

Women who have for long been perceived as the symbols of love and unity have now perfected the art of cheating on their husbands in broad daylight (at least some of them).

For the sake of the little that remains of our moral fabric, Yours Truly will not remain silent, especially when there is so much rot going on behind closed doors.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that this other well-known manager at a meat shop in the city collapsed and died after returning home to find his wife groaning with pleasure as she was having quality time with another man on her matrimonial bed.

Our dear departed brother was shocked and collapsed as he could not stand seeing his wife cheating on him like that.

Our actions have far reaching consequences for the people around us, but somehow our selfish and cruel nature leaves us without even the slightest sense of remorse.

Blabber actually wonders whether the illicit lovebirds will enjoy their union now that an innocent man has died.

Yours Truly will find out more about the cheating spouse and her boyfriend to see whether they will relish the relationship since they no longer have to hide from anyone.

Oh by the way, Blabber is aware that this other old businessman known for his questionable se_xual orientation who is now into gold mining is pretending to be unfazed by what Yours Truly recently wrote about.

Due to his exaggerated sense of self-importance, irrational pride and arrogance that borders on inanity, the grey bearded businessman does not even care about the image he is creating in front of his grandchildren.

How he has suddenly turned into a monster dad-in-law, preying on his son’s wives, is animalistic and at the height of idiocy.

For the sake of preserving the little that remains of our moral fabric, Yours Truly will give a blow-by-blow account of this businessman’s shenanigans.

Just watch this space!

— Manica Post

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