We are going to give it the best health care we can: Snake with 2 heads found in man’s yard

Snake catcher Nick Evans found this two-headed snake in the wild at Ndwedwe, North of Durban. Picture: Nick Evans

Snake rescuer Nick Evans caught a double-headed snake, while on a call out in Ndwedwe, north of Durban.

An extremely rare two-headed snake had been found in a yard, where the property owner had scooped it up in a bottle and asked Evans to collect it.

Evans says this type of snake is a common reptile, which is non-venomous.

“The snake is a southern brown egg-eater, a non-venomous species which is very common – but not with two heads,” said Evans.

“It is a deformity that is really seen in the wild or in captivity, and it has been recorded before. I have been told that they don’t usually survive very long, but hopefully this one will survive for a while. We are just going to give it the best health care we can,” he adds.

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Evans says that scientific observations have shown that sometimes one snake becomes more dominant, and the second snake simply tags along.

“Having two separate brains also means they get alerted separately when hunger kicks in, meaning they dine separately,” says Evans.


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