Angry residents call for closure of eMigalo butchery as man gets stabbed to death near his house


Residents of Sizinda suburb in Bulawayo yesterday woke up to a gory scene after they discovered a bloodied body of a man, who was reportedly stabbed and killed just metres from his house.

Hundreds of residents gathered in shock as the body of 36-year-old Alson Moyo was covered by a blanket outside a yard that is about 50 metres from his house.

Angry residents were calling for the closure of a butchery nicknamed eMigalo at Richards Shopping Centre where beer is illegally sold.

They said a lot of violent crimes have occurred at the place.

When a Chronicle news crew visited the suburb yesterday at around 10AM, police had cordoned off the area.

Police interviewed the father of the deceased, Mr Fanyana Samson Moyo who narrated how he discovered his son’s body.

The deceased mother’s Mrs Gezile Moyo said she was devastated by her son’s death.

A distraught Mr Moyo said he last saw his son on Saturday afternoon.

“I last saw Alson on Saturday afternoon, he was accompanying his aunt to board transport to Kezi.

I also heard that he went to his aunt’s place in Cement Side and spent the day there.

I’m not sure what time he returned from there but all I know was that I was woken up in the morning by people who had discovered his body,” said Mr Moyo.

He said when he got to the scene he was disturbed by what he saw.

“He was almost unrecognisable when I got there and saw him.

He was beaten up and stabbed and there was blood all over.

His dreadlocks were cut and he even soiled himself,” said Mr Moyo.

He called on authorities to close the butchery.

“What we want is for that place (Migalo) to be stopped from selling beer.

They close late as they will be selling beer.

The music coming from that place will be very loud and those close by have trouble sleeping because of the noise,” said Mr Moyo.

Ward 21 Councillor, Tinevimbo Maposa said they were concerned that violent crimes were on the rise, especially in Sizinda.

“We are very saddened by the death of a young man from the community.

This isn’t the first time that we have lost a life in Sizinda due to murder.

Most of this is caused by bars that close late and the abuse of drugs.

We have appealed to police so that they can do raids, especially at Richards Shopping Centre, there’s a bar there that’s not closing at all and can run up to 3AM,” said Councillor Maposa.

He said residents want the situation to be dealt with before they take the law into their own hands.

“We don’t want a situation whereby residents take the law into their own hands.

This isn’t the first time that people have been killed coming from that bar,” said Councillor Maposa.

He said two years ago a resident died following a similar attack in Sizinda.

“In 2020 a man called Vasco was also killed coming from the bar,” said Councillor Maposa.

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association secretary for transport for the area, Mr David Mathe, who lives near the Richards Shopping Centre, said the butchery must stop selling beer.

“Last month, someone who works at that butchery was stabbed during a fight,” said Mr Mathe.

A resident Mrs Otillia Chibuya said such beatings and stabbings are happening almost every weekend.

“People are being beaten up and killed coming from this butchery turned bar.

This butchery must just stop selling beer,” said Mrs Chibuya.

Gogo Dailas Kondowe said as the elderly they were now living in fear.

“This bar must be closed.

The noise that comes from there is unbearable and there is a lot of fighting at that place,” said Gogo Kondowe.

The owner of the butchery, Mr Emmanuel Jaravaza said he sympathised with the deceased’s family and wants to map a way forward with the community.

He said he closed his butchery turned bar at midnight and did not see the victim drinking there.

“I’m sorry that there is a life that has been lost.

I don’t know him and my workers say he doesn’t hang out at our place,” said Mr Jaravaza.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said: “I have received the report and it is being attended to.

More details are to follow.”

— Chronicle

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