Mbinga who became rich after he visited 2 neighbouring countries seeking money-making juju dies


IT is one of life’s laws that at some point we will leave this world with its moments of sorrows and happiness, but when that time comes, we will be remembered for how we related with others and behaved during our lifespan.

With tears barely dry on our cheeks as we mourned our departed brother who worked for wholesale companies, we received equally painful and sad news of the passing on of this other well-known local socialite.

Even though he was known for his love for the fairer s&x, Blabber never thought this dude would leave the face of the earth so early, given that he was not that old.

His name is similar to the first man on earth, no wonder this boy had a weakness for sweetness, just like his biblical namesake whose downfall came after being cajoled by a woman.

His gold tooth made him a stand-out figure in most local meeting places and up to now many people know nothing about him apart from his pr0miscuity and that mineral plated tooth.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that the bed-hopper breathed his last this previous week and was laid to rest at his rural home in the same area where the country’s previous Head of State hailed from.

Those in the know confided in Yours Truly that his love for money, symbolised by his trademark gold tooth, drove him into two neighbouring countries to seek wealth enhancing charms.

Hanzi aka romba!

Blabber is informed that the boy failed to meet the rituals’ prescribed conditions and this terribly backfired.

He suddenly fell ill with an inexplicable condition in which he would spend more than three days lying on his bed without any movements, before ‘resurrecting’.

However, he finally died last week.

Blabber is aware that this boy was not alone when he went out of the country in search of this juju which eventually backfired on him, thereby leading to his death.

Yours Truly hopes that his close friend who accompanied him on that trip will not go through similar circumstances.

It will be very humiliating for this well-known guy, whom we all thought is a genuine businessman, to go through this ordeal.

However, if this close friend goes through the same ordeal, it will also serve as a big lesson to all those who love juju.

ln the interest of preserving the little that remains of our moral fabric, Blabber will stop at nothing in exposing the rot in our society.

Just watch this space!

— Manica Post

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