‘Woman bleeds heavily after every lula lula session with husband’


THE plan was to use the magic clay pot to make profits in business and to heal from the issue of blood that was stopping her from being intimate with her husband, but the opposite happened – she bled more and her business failings got worse.

Nobuhle Moyo (35) from Mahatshula suburb in Bulawayo did not understand why she bled only when she was about to have s&x with her husband. This, together with her business failing made her to believe that something supernatural was attacking her.

So, she sought the services of a traditional healer based in Gokwe. The healer washed her in a river and gave her a magic clay pot.

“As part of cleansing, the traditional healer immersed me in water. After that he gave me a clay pot which emitted smoke and instructed me to keep it in the wardrobe.

“The traditional healer also gave me muthi to drink and assured me that I would stop discharging blood. And he assured me that our business would improve and boom.”

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With that assurance, she returned to Bulawayo, hoping for things to turn around but her situation turned from bad to worse.

“I put the clay pot in the wardrobe. During my sleep I would experience nasty dreams and I did not stop discharging blood after having s&x with my husband,” she told B-Metro.

This troubled her very much.

While she was thinking on how she would find a solution to her problems, her friend shared a testimony with her on how she was prayed for and delivered by Bishop Stanley Maduma of Life Cross Over International Ministries. After that she approached the Bishop for deliverance.

Moyo said: “I was hesitant to go because I had no faith in the man of cloth but a friend convinced me and I ended up arranging a meeting with him after that he asked me to bring the clay pot and the muthi.

“I went home and I tried several times to open the wardrobe but I failed. I ended up phoning the Bishop who came and prayed and the wardrobe opened.”

They took the clay pot and muthi to the church.

The Bishop prayed for her and she was delivered.

Beaming with joy she said: “After about a week I stopped discharging blood and my business started to improve.”

Bishop Maduma said: “She was bewitched with a spirit of death and that satanic spirit wanted her to die a painful death with nothing. We thank God for His grace as she was delivered.”

— BMetro

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