If you think that Nelson Chamisa will win 2023 elections, you’re dreaming: Apostle Talent Chiwenga


Apostle Chiwenga calls Chamisa immature, childish and a ‘dangerous coward’

Fire and brimstone preacher Apostle Talent Chiwenga yesterday took a swipe at Nelson Chamisa, calling him immature, childish and a dangerous coward, among a litany of leadership failings that he said would cost the president of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) the 2023 elections.

“The challenge you have and the method of tackling the challenge are not matching. Press conferences, tweets and Facebook blogs and vlogs cannot be seen as serious leadership to a 42-year-old problem,” Chiwenga said.

The Apostle railed at Chamisa during the live broadcast, saying he risked his supporters’ lives while not participating in unsafe political action himself.

“He is a very cowardly man and his cowardice is not just a cause for concern, it is dangerous. The repercussions of the game and manner he is playing are too dire for us the church to ignore.”

Adding, “Job Sikhala has been arrested too many times but Chamisa has never been arrested in that same period. That contrast is worrisome … Anyone who does not question Chamisa’s sincerity as opposition leader requires a mental examination.”

The sharp-tongued gospeler wondered how Chamisa had escaped harassment by the ruling party.

“This convenient politicking by Chamisa is highly suspicious. The ruthlessness of Zanu PF and their blind eye towards Chamisa, it is too convenient to ignore,” he observed.

Casting doubt on Chamisa’s sincerity, he added: “Why are we not waking up to ask questions and to see, to read between the lines and tell whether we actually have genuine people who want to redeem Zimbabwe from where it is today.

“Some revelations are going to come and Zimbabweans are going to be disappointed by such revelations because some of the people that you hope on are going to be fingered in very dirty matters.”

The Apostle charged that Chamisa was all talk and no action.

“We do not see Chamisa commenting on matters that really affect the people of Zimbabwe … Henrietta Rushwaya was arrested with gold, they were quiet,” he said.

“Words can only deceive morons; wise citizens will still hear from your words that you are vain, you are a hypocrite, you are deceptive, you say a lot of things but you do nothing.”

Chiwenga’s criticism that Chamisa is neglecting incarcerated CCC lawmaker Job Sikhala would have particularly stung as the relationship between the two populists is reportedly acrimonious.

“If Chamisa had been arrested, the party would have done everything it can to try and get him out but they have ignored Job Sikhala who is languishing there,” Chiwenga fumed, before slamming Chamisa for insincerity.

“Trying to visit Sikhala at Chikurubi Maximum Prison were crocodile tears for Chamisa. There is so much more he could do.”

The Apostle’s apparent endorsement of Sikhala over Chamisa is likely to heighten tensions between their supporters.

“I can tell you today that if the people of Zimbabwe were wise enough, they could actually see a better leader in Job Sikhala than in Nelson Chamisa. He fights for what he believes to the drop of his blood. He is willing to take a blow for what he believes,” Chiwenga surmised.

“When Chamisa comments on abductions, murders, and human rights abuses of his own party members, he is carefully avoiding sensitive words to make sure he remains safe. Such a person does not deserve to occupy the position that he is occupying today.”

Chamisa is childish and immature, Chiwenga charged, while his CCC MPs are more concerned with allowances and perks.

“Due to the childish manner of doing things, there is a lot of immaturity with their politics and it is taxing us a lot.

“Zimbabwean lives are being put at risk by a noncommittal political entity that is only focusing on getting into Parliament and receiving allowances and vehicles for MPs. They get into Parliament and become quiet, like puppies licking a bowl of soup.”

As he concluded, Chiwenga said Chamisa had no capacity to remove Zanu PF from power.

“If you start to develop hope that these guys are going to deliver something in 2023, you’re dreaming. For Zimbabweans to think that a person of Chamisa’s calibre has what it takes to challenge Zanu PF is a dream that I pray you wake up from.”

Chamisa has also been infiltrated, the Apostle alleged.

“By the time we go for the 2023 elections; when CCC has a meeting at one o’clock, by ten past one the minutes will be in Mnangagwa’s office. Some of the things you think are going to change our nation are just jokes,” he sniggered.

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