Former leader of the ZANU PF Youth League, Kudzai Chipanga appeared in court today. He is facing charges of communicating falsehoods, causing dissatisfaction in the army and undermining public confidence in Zimbabwe Defense Forces.

Below are the live updates of his case:

  • 13:14- Chipanga says the same people who abducted him also arrested him upon dropping him off at his home
  • 13:14- Chipanga is being charged with communicating falsehoods causing dissatisfaction in the army, undermining public confidence in the defence forces
  • 13:14- Says he was arrested on Wed 15 November. He claims he was arrested as he sought police protection at borrowdale police station. Chipanga says his wife was also assaulted in the ensuing melee.
  • 13:14- Chipanga says he believes the people who abducted him were possibly millitary personnel. Says he was kept in a dark room, beaten everyday but he had access to food.
  • 13:16- Chipanga say he does not recall the name of police officer who advised him to seek refuge at Borrowdale police station. Says same officer did not advise him who was after him save to say his life was in danger.
  • 13:16- State now calls one of the police officers who arrested Chipanga to give evidence. Arresting detail says they had been looking for Chipanga since November 15 and found him on November 23 as he walked to his gate.
  • 13:16- Chipanga says he directed his abductors from a place he did not know to his home while he was blindfolded.
  • 13:37- The State is now making its closing submissions in its application to place Chipanga on remand.
  • 13:37- The State says it is amazed that no-one (not even Chipanga’s wife) challenged or reported the “unlawful” detention of Chipanga for the supposed 8 says he was missing.
  • 13:37- The arresting details say they did not see Chipanga being dropped off as he claims
  • 13:37-  Court adjourned. Remand rulling to be delivered shortly.

Source: Pindula

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