Drama as woman who dumped hubby & secretly eloped with chikomba clashes with new hubby’s baby mamas

Freddy Dzonya and Elizabeth Chihota

THE Harare woman at the centre of a secret marriage storm and her new lover’s baby mamas have clashed.

Elizabeth Chihota, who recently married Freddy Dzonya, is having some bitter disputes with his baby mamas.

She has demanded that they all undergo DNA tests or else they won’t get any child support from Freddy.

Last week, H-Metro broke the story where Elizabeth secretly tied the knot with Freddy, after dumping Tinashe Murimba, who she is still married to, under customary law.

Tinashe is battling to come to terms with his wife’s move to ditch him for another man, without a divorce token.

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H-Metro is in possession of audio clips in which Elizabeth is threatening, and warning Freddy’s baby mamas, that they will not get any cent from him.

Below is a transcription of one audio between Elizabeth and her new husband’s ex-wife:

“I respected you, kubva zuva rawanditumira message uchitaura zvawaitaura iwewe, ndakataura newe zvakanaka because handisi munhu ari rough.

“You continue talking, I always talk to you nicely and I respected you, but from the comments that you posted on Facebook uchitaura kuti murume wangu anorwara. Even though achirwara, its none of your business.

“Who gave you the audacity of talking about somebody’s status on Facebook? You are even lucky kuti hatina kutokusungisai.

“You are even lucky because we screen shot that and we wanted you to get arrested.

“Ukuona mwana wako iyeye, haasi mwana wemurume wangu and we owe you nothing, nothing and don’t ever, as long as I am Freddy’s wife, those kids will not get R10, from him.

“The worst you can go for is a DNA test. Kana wawana DNA test iwewe wabhadhara inoprover kuti mwana waFreddy, go for maintenance.

“Freddy is the father of your kids, mese imimi neanonzi Melo uyo makadaro, you are just a bunch of fools.

“If vari baba vemwana wako, you should respect him for that.

“Mangwana uchazouya ku inbox kwake uchimukumbira mari, but you don’t do that, what do you do, you brag on Facebook.

“Those bastards you call kids, we don’t want them.

“Endai kuFacebook and get the money to take care of your bastards.

“Go for a DNA test, kana ivavo vatozopasa, of which I doubt kana vari vana vaFreddy, vatozonzi vana vake maresults abuda ari positive, we might even give you maintenance of which is next to nothing.”

Elizabeth said she will not allow the kids to get anything.

“Besides that, whether arwara, afa, aita sei, we don’t give a s***, get that right and stop texting me nonsense.

“My dear, dai ivavo vamunawo vari vaFreddy, you will know how to respect him, respect chaiyo hamuna.

“But, because you know kuti vana ivavo havasi vaFreddy, that’s why you go on social media, and you think you can play soccer pamusoro pemba yangu, pakuti munongotaura zvamunoda, mangwana modzoka moti mukuda mari

“Hamufe makaona cent, R1, from my husband, never chero mukatoenda, kusocial media, kana mukaenda kupi, wherever you gonna go, hazvimbofe zvakabreaker inini.

“Whatever, you do mukutotisimbisa. So, forget, and right now, my advice, enda kuDNA test, ndoprover kuti mwana waFreddy, togona kumaramba futi, because mogona kungotenga maresults.

Ava vana ava misoro yavo haisi yaFreddy. Endai munotsvaga anababa vavo, they don’t even look like my husband’s kids, never.

“All your comments have made me popular, you b*****s. Vana ivavo havasi vaFreddy. Kumushonga kwamuri kuplanner, masvika kumagumo.

“Pandakatotsika inini wacho, hamusi kupaziva. Don’t even try, pandakatoisa rangu gumbo inini, twese tumidzi, tumachii, tumapostori twamuri kufambira, am sorry.

“Masvika pabus stop, you should have respected me, ndatoona kuti pfungwa dzenyu hadzina kukwana.”

— HMetro

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