‘This is the second year after Ginimbi died in car crash but his throne is yet to get a successor’


IT’S August and the nation has been honouring its fallen heroes.

At family level, among the Shona people, rituals such as kurova makuva have been held, in some parts of the country, this month.

For us, this is the second year since Genius Kadungure died in that car crash in Harare in November 2020.

But, his throne, as the King of Bling, is yet to get a successor.

As we remembered the King, this month, we checked on the meaning of August, and found some very interesting things, in a way, related to Ginimbi.

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Mirriam-Webster Dictionary (August, definition)

“Marked by majestic dignity or grandeur – august lineage, august mansion (as if it relates to the one in Domboshava”

Examples of august in a Sentence:

Adjective – “We visited their august mansion (as if they are talking about the one in Domboshava) and expansive grounds. The family claims an august lineage.”

Noun – “We are taking our vacation (it’s something Ginimbi was fond of) in August.

Recent Examples on the Web:

Adjective – In person, Barnett has rock-star charisma (it’s like they were also talking about Ginimbi) that belies her august pedigree and sets her apart from her peers. — Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic, 13 Apr. 2020

Cambridge Dictionary (August, definition)

“Having great importance and especially of the highest social class (it’s like it was meant to describe Ginimbi) and having great importance and respect in society:

– The society’s august patron, the Duke of Norfolk

– We toured the august chambers of the Supreme Court.

– These services also communicated a social message that had little to do with their august heritage.

What Ginimbi’s sister, Juliet, said about him:

“He had an anointing of business, I and him are separated by four years, but I saw him grow up since he was a toddler and he would do gardening on his own, so I wanted you to know he had an anointing of hard work,” she said.

“He didn’t wake up rich, he started small and from humble beginnings where he would come to ask for money from me and would sometimes not repay me, but he had a good heart.”

Twenty two months have now passed since Ginimbi’s life was cut short in that car crash.

But, it’s clear that he still retains his crown, as the King of Bling, ruling from his grave.

A number of pretenders have come and gone but no one has been able to do it in a way which only the King could do.

— HMetro

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