SO SAD: Zimbabwean nurse stranded in Kenya after being used and dumped by online boyfriend

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WHOEVER taught us that dogs have the propensity of straying into unknown territories should have informed us that humans too, at times, possess the same proclivity.

Not just humans in general, but book-learned human beings.

They can also stray into foreign lands and in most cases end up stranded.

This appears to be the case with this other well-known female medical practitioner who left the country to join an online lover in that other African country known for its battle-hardened long distance runners.

I mean this other country that has earned global attention because of one of its high mountains.

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Many will remember this gigantic nurse because of her mesmerising dances in many of our local watering holes.

Her colleagues in the profession can hardly forget how she almost lost her job because of a picture that was published in one newspaper as she wriggled her waist onstage.

Her Coca Cola bottle shape, let alone her very huge frame, make her a stand-out figure wherever she pops up in public spheres.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that the nurse was recently stranded after being dumped by her online boyfriend in that foreign country.

The two had met on a social media platform.

Colleagues had to contribute to raise the required US$200 for her to come back home and at least move on with her life.

Blabber is yet to find out whether she has since arrived back from the ill-fated lovers’ outing.

I surely owe our dear readers an update on that one!

Oh by the way, before Yours Truly forgets, there is this other fairly new upmarket harl0t in our beautiful city who is dishing it out like confetti at a wedding.

She is married to a young brother to this other well-known businessman who is into the transport or trucking business.

You might know those buses that used to have a trade name similar to the name of a city in this other neighbouring country in the southern direction of our nation’s boundaries, yonder that other mighty river.

The young brother apparently is no longer mentally stable and the wife is now vending her thighs at very cheap prices to every other Tom and Jerry, Jack and Jill in the city.

Blabber is aware of a number of people who have already benefited from her generosity, including one prominent character, but Yours Truly, being fair minded, will investigate deeper before sharing details.

In the interest of preserving the little that remains of our moral fabric, Blabber will surely stop at nothing in exposing the social rot in our midst.

Just watch this space!

— Manica Post

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