Broke Warriors fan Alvin Zhakata who traveled to Egypt by road appeals to Zimbos to send him busfare


Staunch Warriors fan, Alvin Zhakata who embarked on a gruelling “Cape To Cairo” roadtrip to watch the Warriors at the Afcon 2019 tournament has appealed to good wishers for funds to return home.

Aluvah, as Zhakata is popularly known only arrived in Cairo last week after meeting several challenges along the way which left him broke and in debt.

Writing about Aluvah’s plight, media personality and sports journalist Steve Vickers wrote,

I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign for Bring Home Aluvah. I’m with him in Cairo. At the moment the campaign is in forex, let’s bring him home! Please note the earlier link has been replaced: @gofundme @AlvinZhakata @StarfmZimbabwe @capitalkfm @BTonhodzayi

— Steve Vickers (@SteveVickers5) July 15, 2019

However, reactions have been mixed with the fund having raised only US$46 from the US$800 target. The popular sentiment seems to be that Aluvah should budget well for his pleasure. However, the other school of thought is that Aluvah lifted the country’s flag high and deserves to be assisted.

Below are some of the reactions to Aluvah’s plea,

I get your point entirely, but Aluvah is doing great things for Zim being here – his story is getting know all across Africa, and it’s one of the best stories of #AFCON2019 Totally crazy, but he is flying the flag for Zimbabwe.

— Steve Vickers (@SteveVickers5) July 15, 2019

Aluvah must stop travelling for leisure activities without enough money to go back home. #AluvaNgambogarakuCairo

— Tidza (@ttchiwandire) July 16, 2019

Aluvah ngaatotanga kufamba guys..
Gofund Aluvah not now …tine zvinhu hobo to look at …zviri kunetsa…

We still owe Eskom..marii hobo
We need magetsi
We need fuel
We need bread..
We need salaries .

Aluvah ngaambomira akadaro

— Sugar.Jola (@JZibanai) July 15, 2019

Better kutoita konde konde tibhadhare Chikwereti cheEskom neCahora Bassa😆

— Highlanders FC (@Highlandersfczw) July 15, 2019

Saka aka kwira bhazi kuenda ku egypt asina plan yekuti anodzoka sei, hw reckless can one be? He made his bed for his personal glory let him lie on it

— Chitova Nedzevamwe!! (@VunganaiC) July 16, 2019

Hi, the trip took much longer than planned, so he used his cash for his expenses and even accumulated debts along the way, so that’s why he is broke now!

— Steve Vickers (@SteveVickers5) July 16, 2019

The level of negativity from my fellow countrymen can be sickening sometimes. Here we have someone who made history and is doing all he can to raise the country’s and all some people think of is to criticize.

— MuRozvi Mukuru (@NdakaM) July 16, 2019

Egypt is not that type of country

— El Tonió 🎧🔰 (@Tony_uyo) July 16, 2019

Deee watoti hako GoFundESKOM zvirinani

— Chirumha Chacho (@chirumha) July 16, 2019

Maybe you can begin ku @online_zifa then mobata Musona,Khama etc zvinoita🤷🏾‍♂️ Then lets star a GoFundMe for Eskom as a country.

— Karma (@tindo_i) July 16, 2019

There are no jobs, electricity, passports, id’s, medicine, water, fuel, prices are going up,… Please assist the lad to get a job that side. There is absolutely nothing to come back home for. He is just just going to be another mouth to feed

— Toldar PVT (@JusticeChengeta) July 16, 2019

How did Aluvah get to Cairo..bus, plane?
Where did he stay..hotel, B&B?
Did He not have Return ticket?
Honestly, how did the Egyptians let him into the country without return?
Can he share pics of his trip?
What was his plan , to return home?

Just asking 4 a possible donor

— The CEO Zimbabwe (@TheCEOMagZim) July 15, 2019

— iHarare

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