Soccer Fans New Game: Which Player Looks Oldest?


When it comes to soccer, fans are excited about the prospects of wagering on different aspects of the game on leading bookies like Betway. This entertaining aspect of soccer has a new game, where fans are voting for the 80s players who looked oldest. This game was created by an English soccer fan who became fascinated by how old the 80s players looked.

In this UK competition dubbed “80s Footballers Aging Badly”, the list is packed with wrinkled and bald athletes with extreme mutton chops and briskly mustaches. But can anyone surpass Shuggie Sproat?

Back in the 1980s, Hugh Sproat was a goalkeeper for the Scottish side Ayr United, and he liked to swing on the crossbar to entertain fans. Sproat also grew a thick mustache, which put him at the forefront in the race for the oldest-looking player before ice baths and sports nutrition dominated the game.

Winston Gallagher This game came to life before the UK went for the second lockdown, launched by Englishman Winston Gallaher. The Englishman was inspired by old soccer cards from an album he found after his 40th birthday. Gallagher and countless other kids in the 80s used to trade these cards to complete their favorite teams, similar to Americans with their baseball cards.

According to Gallagher, he couldn’t believe that the players on these cards looked their age. Mr. Gallagher had a deep thought of what he could do with the information, and that gave rise to “80s Footballers Aging Badly”. The game went ahead to become the soccer lockdown event, as there were no live matches to wager on Betway, although punters still got other games to wager.

Mr. Gallagher matched up against one hundred and twenty-eight footage of gamers of the 1970s and 1980s in pairs. He gave his followers 24 hours to votes for the oldest looking of every pair for his age, with victory happening to the following spherical. As much as 20,000 folks are voting at every stage.

Brazilian standout player, Nivaldo, who misplaced the following blond locks throughout a six-year interval in his twenties, is among the top ranking. The welsh defender Terry Hennessy is another player tipped to win for developing a set of mutton-chop sideburns.

Wealthy Kendrick tried including and removing mustaches with Photoshop, but he complained that the Bookmakers could be tempted to take wagers on the face-offs. Star Sports activities Gamble, based mostly in Brighton, England, gave 5/1 odds on an Italian striker Vito Chimenti before he was removed from the competitors.

Wealthy Kendrick’s attempt to remove the mustaches using Photoshop in vain explains why the competition has caught on like a thriller. However, Mr. Walker believes that lockdown has a lot to do with it. According to him, it was an excellent opportunity for soccer fans to pass and have fun remembering the good old times.

David Campbell, another great follower, believes the competition delivers the thrill lacking from soccer stadiums at the time. According to Campbell, there’s extra attention-grabbing performance than the authentic soccer we have now with followers. Mr. Sproat, now 68, also reckons the competition harks again to a time earlier than membership nutritionists devised customized diets or specialized coaching regimes.

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