Gambling in Zambia – All You Have To Know


Gambling is a term used for betting on anything that has value, knowing that it is a risk and having an expectance to profit from that risk. The result of the game or any event depends on luck and chance most of the time.  The people of Zambia like to play such kind of fun games. The individuals want to test their luck and invest some amount of their funds, expecting a better reward. Nowadays, gambling is not limited to casinos. Now there is even a feature to bet on things online.

Is Gambling Legal in Zambia?

The Republic of Zambia allows to bet or gamble on sports, lotteries, and casino games.  The age for gambling is 18 years and above. There is no description of online betting games in the Zambian law. Hence individuals are allowed to play on online betting sites.

Laws in Zambia

Some laws are enforced for gambling in Zambia.  The rules and regulations have been categorized into three parts in the Gambling Legislation of Zambia.

  • The first law is the State Lotteries Act to authorize and regulate the lotteries and pools.
  • The second law is the Casino Act that is a vital part of the Gambling Legislation as it controls the proceedings to grant authorization to the owners of the casinos in Zambian territories and also only provides limited consent for extraordinary situations.
  • The third and final law is the Betting Act which sets a betting Board that manages the betting operatives.

There is a lot of rules and regulations to be followed by betting operatives in Zambia. They must have a genuine license of authorization to run their gambling operations.  No casino can run without the approval of these laws in Zambia. The license expiration limit is five years after which they are to get renewed again.

Zambia City Casinos

Zambia has a lot of casinos licensed and regulated by the government. The Great Wall Casino, in Lusaka, is famous for a poker game with Texas Hold ’em Spread in a total of 30 playable slot machines. Apart from this, individuals can also enjoy playing on tables of Blackjack, American Roulette, etc.

Another famous casino is the New Fairmount Hotel and Casino located in Livingstone has 30 slot machines and two tables each for Blackjack and Roulette.

The Falls Casino also located in Livingstone is likely more extensive and has 77 slot machines to play on with the benefit of classic slots, multi-line slots, and video poker games.

The Majestic Casino resort, in Makeni, has a large variety of playable casino games on a large number of slot machines.

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Online Gambling

Gambling has not been idle on the land-based casinos anymore. In these modern times, gambling also comes with the feature of online gambling. Betting on sports, lotteries, and casinos are also available on websites made totally for gambling. Any individual can bet at any time and from anywhere. All anyone needs are access to the internet and a device through which he/she can connect to the website. One of the most famous forms of online betting in sports is betting on the sport of football.

Bolabet Zambia

Bolabet Zambia is one of Zambia’s superior sports betting websites since 2005. The website provides more than 500 daily matches of a range of sports like football, tennis, and many more.  The site focuses on individuals who are sports fans. It questions those individual’s knowledge about sports by making them place their stakes on their favorite choice of sports and their awaiting matches to win rewards.

There is an FAQ section on the website that teaches newbies all they want to know including their deposits and withdrawals for placing their bets. Except for the sports betting scene, Bolabet also offers jackpot games like Lucky 6 and Lucky Balls.  Another famous playable game on the website is Aviator which puts to test every individual’s flying talents. To know more about Bolabet Zambia – click and read all the information.

Betway Zambia

One of the most popular sports betting websites is Betway Zambia online. It also provides people with the option to bet on the go. In short, the live betting option is available to all its users for placing their stakes as they go ahead and enjoy the game they are watching and including earning money on the expected result of the game. The website is straightforward to navigate through, and it’s very simple to place a bet on the Betway Zambia website.

There are Jackpot games l available to play instead of the sports betting scene.  The most remarkable feature is the option of playing casino games to pass the time and also a Live Casino tab is available on the website to play Casino games live even. There are a variety of non-live casino games to choose from while the live casino games, of course, depend on the tables and games being played at that specific time.

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