Latest on Alvin Zhakata who is living on the streets in Cameroon…his BIGGEST problem revealed


In the eyes of many football fans, Alvin ‘Aluvah’ Zhakata is a passionate football fan who will go the extra mile to support Dynamos and the Warriors.

He is idolized by many for his ‘bravery and commitment’ as far as following the game is concerned.

But those who know him well will tell a different story – the lanky fan can be a nuisance and his attention-seeking game is on point.

He was trending on social media last week after a publication called SportsNewsAfrica ran a story in which it emerged that he is still in Cameroon, two months after Sadio Mane took the decisive kick which ensured that Senegal were crowned Afcon 2021 champions.

When Soccer24 first broke the story that he was facing arrest in Yaounde for failing to settle a hotel bill back in February, some were sceptical as usual, but there is a good reason why Aluvah never publicly condemned that report; it’s because he knew it was true.

The harsh reality is that Aluvah is irresponsible and needs help, so much so that even some of his family members agree.

A relative of his reached out to the Soccer24 staff in February and pleaded with us for there to be a way for the nation to know the actual Aluvah, so that he can be helped accordingly.

That relative of his pleaded for us to not reveal their name, but they were very concerned about the lanky fan’s well-being.

The only way Aluvah can be helped is if people know certain truths about him, truths which his friends in the media will never reveal, deliberately.

The man is allergic to telling the truth. That is his biggest problem.

He once misled the nation by saying he had been robbed in the central business district. He was even hospitalized for weeks, though what happened to him is something that he and a few close friends know. It is however, a story for another day.

He once claimed he had been invited to watch the Euro 2020 final at Wembley, even though it was just a white lie.

It was he who misled the nation that former Warriors coach Kalisto Pasuwa had been appointed technical advisor of the Malawi national team at Afcon 2021.

He even claimed Pasuwa flew to Cameroon, yet the ‘Great Kali’ spent the entire tournament at home, in Greendale.

When he left the country for Cameroon, Aluvah claimed he was on a CAF ticket, yet he was not.

Circumstances leading to his collapsing are known and have nothing to do with any heart complications, as he claims. The collapse was alcohol-related and he, as well as the hospital staff which attended to him, know it.

Contrary to what he also claimed, Cameroonian legend and FA president, Samuel Eto’o, never paid any hospital bills for him.

The story that came out yesterday might be moving, but it has a lot of loose ends too.

Does it make sense that someone who owns an iPhone 13, is struggling to raise 380 euros for a plane ticket to Zimbabwe?

His family is not aware that he is in Cameroon and need of financial assistance, they realized through that story.

If he really wanted to come home, why did he not accept the help of a well-wisher who offered to purchase the ticket directly, without giving him the money instead?

He was actively involved in Warriors star Marvellous Nakamba’s Nakamba Foundation. Why has the foundation not reached out to help one of their own?

Aluvah is not telling the truth, as usual.

— Soccer24

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