Fracas as pr0stitute granddaughter torments gogo, enjoys se_x with her clients in her yard


MATILDA Dube (61) is a tormented granny because her granddaughter beats and insults her for asking why she has se_x in the presence of her little daughter and her younger brother.

Dube has been enduring the verbal and physical abuse for four straight months. She told a court of law that she has been to hell and back because of granddaughter Lucia Dube (24) who is a sex worker.

She said her granddaughter allows her clients to park their cars in her yard where they would proceed to have se_x.

At times they do their _activity in her room and shockingly in the presence of her little child and her eight-year-old younger brother.

Most of the time she would be drunk and failing to string a complete sentence. When the concerned granny asks her to refrain from her vile behaviour she would fume and hurl insults at her. When tempers boil to the tipping point Lucia would bash Dube with her trusty walking stick.

In a bid to stop the persistent abuse, Dube engaged her church pastor but his efforts were in vain. She then applied for a protection order against her granddaughter.

“My name is Matilda Dube. My granddaughter Lucia Dube is verbally and physically abusing me. I have not known peace since she became a pr0stitute. Whenever she goes out for her se_x trade work she would lock her little child and her younger brother in her room. When I question her about any danger that can befall them she would label me a witch and would say she is afraid I would bewitch her daughter if she sleeps in my room.

“She even has the guts to have se_x with her clients in my yard or in her room in the presence of the children. When I questioned her about her unbecoming behaviour she would hurl insults at me and would thrash me with my walking stick at times she would punch me,” she said.

Lucia did not turn up at the court.

The presiding magistrate Lenear Khumalo granted Dube a protection order against her granddaughter. Lucia was prevented from verbally and physically abusing her grandmother.

— BMetro

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