The worst transfers of Atalanta: Alberto Paloschi


Both top and mediocre clubs are not immune to unsuccessful signings. There were transfer failures in the history of “Atalanta” as well. By the way, football scores live are covered on the sports statistics website. Here it is easy to follow the achievements of this club.

If we talk about Atalanta’s worst signings, then it is impossible to get past the figure of Alberto Paloschi. He joined the team in summer 2016. At that time the team paid €8 million for the forward. In general, Paloschi was not a bad attacker, as he demonstrated at “Chievo”. However, his main problem was his lack of stability. The forward could play a great match and then fail to show anything impressive on the pitch for a month.

This transfer initially looked risky. In the end, it did not pay off. Paloschi spent one season at “Atalanta”. By the way, in that campaign, the club, whose football scores are covered in live mode on a verified platform, finished in 4th position in the standings. But there was absolutely no merit to the Italian. He played 13 games in the team in Serie A, where he did not score any goals. Therefore, in summer 2017 the club gave him to S.P.A.L. on loan, and a year later sold him on a permanent basis.

Why was Paloschi unable to prove himself at Atalanta?

It seemed that due to his experience, the forward could help the club. However, the reality was quite different. The forward had little motivation, he did not understand what was required of him on the field. By the way, each of today’s football results of the club is covered on the sports statistics website. This allows you to follow the success of the team, not only in Serie A, but also in other tournaments.

Returning to the failure of Paloschi, it was a consequence of:

  1. Lack of understanding with the head coach. Gasperini’s model of play did not suit him at all. The coach quickly became disappointed with the forward and gave him almost no playing practice in the second half of the 2016/2017 season.
  2. Poor interaction with partners. There was no chemistry in their actions. This led to constant cutting. As a result, the team tried to replace the player quickly.
  3. Injuries. Due to injuries, the player was unable to demonstrate all his strong qualities on the field.
  4. Lack of proper motivation. The footballer quickly realized that he was at “Atalanta” for a short time, so he stopped giving his best.

As a result, “Atalanta” actually wasted 8 million euros, the player did not help the team at all.

You can follow its football results for today’s day on the site of sports statistics. It covers the team’s confrontations not only in Serie A, but also in other tournaments. Paloschi is no longer with the club, and, as further events have shown, this has only benefited the club. Later on, its results became only better.

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