Canadian Gaming Summit announced the dates for 2020 meet-up


The Canadian gaming summit is one of the biggest technology events in North America. It’s the place where technology meets the gaming industry thought leaders, and it’s the best thing gamers could look for. World leaders in the gaming sector seek to travel in Canada for an annual summit that can change the course of a particular year.

CGS is owned and produced by the Canadian Gaming Association. It’s one of the biggest gaming platforms around the world. CGA has announced that the summit in 2020 will be in Toronto. Last year gaming sector leaders gathered in Vancouver and shared their primary impression about the development of the gaming industry along with technologies. Toronto will host the event from 15th to 17th June.

What are the vital points for industry thought leaders to share during the event?

CGA has announced vital topics of the event. It’s already known that industry leaders will share their impressions about block-chain and Bitcoin in the gaming industry. Another topic would be Artificial intelligence as it could become the biggest game-changer in the current decade.

Importance of Block-chain in the gaming industry

Block-chain platforms gave birth to cryptocurrencies. Since 2012, we saw a rise of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. In 2017 it was a massive worldwide boom about Bitcoin and price raised to $17 000. Along with the balance of interest from regular Bitcoin users, price regulated to $10 000.

Canada and China were the first to regulate block-chain platforms. For instance, Canada has allowed local business entities to receive or send transactions legally through Bitcoin. The Canadian government gave the green light to the gaming industry for using Bitcoin and other legal cryptocurrencies. Currently, Bitcoin is the biggest interest factor from regular users to enter the sector.

The rise of Canadian bitcoin casino  eco-system started in 2017, and the local government changed the legal framework for implementation of block-chain platforms. As of now, local business entities in the gaming sector are allowed for Bitcoin usage. Thought leaders of industry will gather in Toronto for discussing not only Canadian bitcoin gambling platforms but also situations in different parts of the world. Bitcoin plays a massive role in the development of the gaming sector, and attendees will share their opinion about it. Block-chain technologies lead the gaming industry to another level. People feel more independent when they use Bitcoin, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies. Most of the gamers are fond of free usage of their funds; that’s why the gaming sector should adopt block-chain technologies fully.

The discussion would be about the plans for gaming sector leaders. Thought leaders will have time to show attendees significant achievements in the block-chain industry from previous year. There will be workshops where attendees (business entities) can share their opinion about crypto usage and what the future holds.

Artificial Intelligence can transform the industry by 180 degrees

The gaming sector was always a pioneer in implementing discoveries and technological development. Technology experts believe that Artificial Intelligence will change our lives for good. Founder of the biggest social network, Mark Zuckerberg had already started working on Artificial intelligence. At the same time, Mark believes that AI is a distant future, but we may get the outcome by the end of the current decade. The gaming industry is already adapting to artificial intelligence. Smart casino and betting platforms have implemented an intelligent dashboard that can change the user experience.

The artificial algorithm can help the dashboard to be more personal. The personal dashboard will change the user experience and make it a more secure place for gamers. Gaming industry leaders seek more freedom for their users. Artificial intelligence will cause users to enjoy and explore the gaming venues from a different standpoint.

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