What is a VPN and why are South Africans using it?


With the highest values in the area, over 52% of the 55 million citizens living in South Africa manage to enjoy the benefits of global networking.

Freedom House, the internet advocacy institution, believes that the means to be able to surf the web is free and open. The South African government is therefore trying to ensure that more people can stay connected.

Whether it’s to gain access to world-class content such as Netflix, Sky Go and Amazon Prime among others, or to safeguard privacy while staying online. It makes VPNs more popular every day.

Even though there is currently no strict censorship by the South African government based on material that can be found on the web, it benefits from digital free will. Even so, in the past year, the South African regime decided to go against a UN project designed to encourage greater freedom on the web.

Consequently, when connecting on the web, it is advisable to use a Virtual Private Network – VPN – bearing in mind that it ensures that your privacy is preserved, your IP remains anonymous and access to cybercriminals is impeded. Because it encrypts the exchange of data on the network, from and to your computer.

It is also the best alternative for unlocking censored material and accessing the full catalogue of platforms such as Netflix, BBC iPLayer, DSTV, BeiN Sport, ESPN and more. Whether for tourists in South Africa or locals wishing to travel abroad.

Comparison of all the VPN Servers in South Africa by people like Per-Erik Eriksson of VPNetic.com.-

The following points are taken into account to see the best VPN options found in South Africa:

-Speed and honesty in service

-Zero records and solid protection.

-Easy access to regionally blocked material.

-Local servers for regional inhabitants who travel abroad.

-Largest number of servers worldwide.

Being the VPN ace, it is in first place:

NordVPN: With more than 5000 servers globally, without registration and with impenetrable security.

Surf Shack: Stands out if you are looking to reduce costs without neglecting the consumer. Unblocks regional censorship and does not keep records.

ExpressVPN: Solid protection, features high-speed servers and performs on a full range of devices.

CyberGhost: Another excellent option when looking for an economical service, yet provides good protection and high speed networking.

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