2 Innovative Apps That Have Revolutionised Cross Border Grocery Shopping


The Corona Virus has proved to be disastrous and has established itself as a permanent fixture on earth, at least for the next few years. The Corona Virus has proven to be disastrous and has claimed its place on earth as it is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. This has made grocery shopping in cross border countries where goods are cheaper become almost impossible as borders are closed. But fear not, we bring good news.

All thanks to human ingenuity, there has been an introduction of online shopping. Not just any ordinary online shopping but cross border online shopping.  This is all thanks to developers that have introduced apps such as Malaicha and Mukuru Groceries.  Keep reading for more on how the apps work.


Before the development of online grocery shopping apps, a person in Zimbabwe would supposedly look for a relative or friend in South Africa and ask them to purchase groceries off the Boxer catalogue for example. The relative will then have to find transport to Zimbabwe for delivery.  But Malaicha has come as a breakthrough as one does not have to go through the struggle of looking for transport nor the stress of corona protocol and restrictions.  This app can be seen as time saving and even better, a lifesaving portal.

How does Malaicha work, you might wonder? The first step is to get the app onto your phone. Malaicha is available to download on the Google App Store and Apple App Store.  When you have the app on your device, open it and simply register by entering your personal details in the spaces provided.  When registration is done you now have access to the online store and your shopping begins. It’s that easy.

To pay for the groceries, you can do so via EFT then in at least a day’s time, groceries will be ready for collection. The recipient reports to any of Malaicha’s stores in Zimbabwe with their ID and proof of payment.  That’s how shopping with Malaicha has made life easier and safer.

Mukuru Groceries 

Another innovative app that has contributed to the revolution of cross border grocery shopping is the Mukuru Grocery app. The app is commonly known for money transfers, but the developers have now ventured into grocery delivery.  In doing so, they have helped Zimbabweans who cannot afford to buy groceries within the country due to the high prices of foodstuffs. Through the app, Zimbabweans can now receive their groceries from relatives outside of Zimbabwe without having to cross the border.  How awesome does that sound?

For the groceries to be ordered, following simple steps will go a long way.  The Mukuru registered customer simply has to do the following.

  1. WhatsApp “Hi” to +27860018555 or dial *130*567#.
  2. Select option 2 “Order Zimbabwe groceries” and then choose “groceries” or ““stationery””.
  3. Select or create a recipient for the order.
  4. Simply confirm your order and choose where and how you would like to pay for it.
  5. Once paid, your Mukuru Groceries order will be ready for instant collection in Zimbabwe.

Mukuru Groceries makes shopping for its customers even easier.  The app has different categories in which products are categorised.  It also provides different shopping packages, with various food items. The package prices range from 30usd to 100usd. Of course, with each higher priced pack, you get more items.  Customers can collect their groceries in any of the 20 stated collection sites given on the Mukuru Grocery website or app.

There you have it, make grocery shopping easier for you by simply registering on either Malaicha or Mukuru Groceries apps.

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