Why Betting Apps haven’t taken off in Africa


Africa is fast becoming one of the exciting betting destinations for operators in the world. Sporting a young population that have a vested interest in sports on the international stage, Africa is fast becoming world betting’s new cash cow. What is interesting to note however, is that one of the great advancements in modern betting; betting apps, are yet to fully take off on the continent, and we’re here to discuss why this could be.

These days there’s an app for everything. Apps like “Waze” and Google Maps can get you where you need to go. Apps like Strava and My Fitness Pal can help you track your caloric intake and energy output, and apps like Tinder can help you find a date on a Friday night.

Needless to say, with an industry as big as online betting, apps have been introduced, and across the world, betting apps have taken over. This is due to the fact that apps tend to make things more convenient, and quite simply just easier, but across Africa however, they are simply yet to take off.

This however does not point toward the fact that betting in Africa is not as big as in other places in the world, quite the contrary. Rather, this points more to the devices, as well as the culture of betting that can be found on the continent.

You see, part of the reason Africa is such an upcomer on the world betting stage is due to the fact that the continent has quite recently begun experiencing mobile smartphone penetration. More and more people on the African continent have access to smartphones, which allow them to access the internet, and thus bet on the internet.

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What’s quite interesting about this, is that the majority of this mobile phone penetration is in the form of Android phones. These devices tend to be more affordable, and are more durable than Apple products. The catch here is that while mobile betting apps can be found on the iOS app store, the same cannot be said for the Google Play Store, which is the app store connected to all android devices.

Why the Google Play Store does not endorse betting apps is something we are still unable to provide an answer for, however what this does mean is that downloading betting apps as an android user is simply just far more difficult.

If you’re an android user, and you’re looking to use a betting app, you’ll need to download the APK directly from the site. An APK is a file that contains the app,but the process of getting this done is far more complicated than it sounds, making many interested in simply using mobile betting sites.

Downloading APK’s rely on changing a bunch of security settings on one’s phone, and while in most cases online bookies give you the instructions needed for getting this done, a lot of android devices have different inputs, leading the process one needs to follow to be wholly different.

As a result, one of betting’s biggest innovations is yet to take off in Africa. This however isn’t too big of a deal, as mobile betting sites in Africa are of a very high quality. Some bookmakers don’t even bother offering betting apps because of how popular their mobile betting sites are. The truth is that African bettors are spoilt for choice, and have plenty of choice when it comes to betting on mobile.

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