PICS: Chivayo opens up on relationship with Grace Mugabe


Businessman Wicknell Chivayo has gone on Social media expressing his full support for the new president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chivayo was known to be staunch supporter of Former President Robert Mugabe as seen by the numerous photos he took with the former first family. Below are the comments he shared on his Facebook wall.

I would like to personally thank our President for appointing such an amazing Cabinet and his intellectual advisors. It’s comprised of hard working and determined professionals all of unquestionable integrity….

As Zimbabweans please let’s give our new President a fair chance. Given his commitment and contribution during the liberation struggle, coupled with his consistent and irreproachable service to the nation for the past 37 years, we have the assurance that Zimbabwe will blossom in this new dispensation. We can only begin to formulate an opinion or analysis on his performance in 2023 after he finishes his first term.

Fellow citizens please don’t be led astray by these hopeless opposition social media experts who are just frustrated because they were scratching their balls hoping to get Cabinet posts…. Common sense is not common to all of us…. a unity government for what ???? We made in house decisions in our party and our former President resigned and then we subsequently elected another substantive one. In my respective view His Excellency E.D is a game changer and has a pragmatic approach that will turn around this economy in no time…. I’m tired of being attacked because of my exaggerated so called relationship with the former President and First Lady….

To cut a long story short all your observations and comments are correct….I will stand before anyone and confirm how much I love and respect them but as a businessman I now have to embrace the new leadership…..Your definition of loyalty is very wrong….I’m a businessman so I’m only loyal to money and just focused on my inevitable success….Ndino vimba ndiri kunzwika zvakanaka. Please stand guided accordingly.

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