Man with half meter pen!s that sleeps on its own pillow at night now disabled (SEE PHOTOS)


MEN often think that bigger is always better, but having a massive anaconda for a pe nis can actually be a curse.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera (54) from Mexico made headlines in 2015 when it came to light that his pe nis measured 48cm. A video of Robert weighing his manhood went viral and some men gasped in envy.

But it turns out that Robert’s pe nis is a source of misery instead of joy. According to the Express in the UK, Robert has now been registered as disabled.

This comes after he complained about not being able to live a normal life.

“Look where it is; it goes far below the knees,” he told the Independent.

“I cannot do anything; I cannot work, and I am disabled, so I want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and give me support.”

Cabrera has suffered health issues and his pe nis has to sleep on its own pillow at night to avoid discomfort to his back.

His se x life has also suffered.

“I can never penetrate anyone because it is too thick,” he told the publication. The tip’s circumference is 25cm.

He has attempted se x twice, but the first woman got scared when she saw the actual size and a second attempt failed when it was too painful for the woman. But he has declined surgery to reduce its size, believing that one day you will meet a woman with the right size punani.

According to the Huffington Post, Cabrera is now depended on the government for food stamps as his disability has made it impossible for him to work. Health24

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