Guruve AFM pastor found with a python 'wearing' a necklace, Chindori-Chininga's mysterious death revisited (VIDEO)


In Zimbabwe, witchcraft is still common in rural areas. Hardly a week passes without a local report or newspaper story on the practice. The most notorious areas where such underworld practices take place are Gokwe and Guruve. Chipinge has since been 'overtaken' by these two rural towns.

This time round it is reported that a Guruve man, reported to be an Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Church pastor, and a prominent farmer in Guruve, was allegedly allegedly found in possession of a mysterious cobra snake.

"A man in Guruve was found with a mysterious cobra. His name is Muzurura from plot number 9 Guruve. He is a master farmer, he owns flats in Harare and Bulawayo. In a statement he is a former police officer. He is also a minister in the church of Zimbabwe Apostolic Faith Mission. His daughter tied the knot in a white wedding yesterday," a source told Bulawayo 24.

Sources said the cobra snake which was believed to be over 3-metres long, was 'wearing' a necklace. In a video, some onlookers could be heard alleging that the snake was mysteriously changing colours despite being dead.

Guruve is not a stranger at all when it comes to mysterious happenings.

A couple of years ago, My Zimbabwe News reported that several women in Guruve, mainly pregnant ones, are now living in fear amid reports that a lot of pregnancies are disappearing mysteriously.

The claims came barely a month after My Zimbabwe published another article regarding two Guruve women who lost their pregnancies after 'pushing the ballooned tummy' for 9 months, only to give birth to nothing. Nurses are said to have even confirmed that they were pregnant but nothing came out when they went into labour.

Keresina Mushonyi (37), a villager in headman Chitauro's village in Madhuro kraal and Calister Matirira (20) of Matirira kraal could not come to terms with the reality when their pregnancies mysteriously disappeared during labour.

Reports say the two women had registered their pregnancies at the clinic and would regularly go for check ups but they got the shock of their lives when the foetus disappeared from the womb on unclear circumstances.

Another mysterious incident which took Guruve to greater heights was the case of Guruve’s “Girl Jesus” reincarnated, Tepsy Nyanhete, who came to prominence two decades ago.

At the age of six Tepsy with the assistance of her parents founded a “church” Mudzimu Unoyera that has discreetly survived the tumultuous years. Though many people said Mudzimu Unoyera has crossed the line and is now a cult, staunch followers believe they are not different from any other church. They just have a different way of doing things, if anything their Jesus returned years back and they have the privilege of staying with her.

At the height of its “success” many children who had stopped going to school to follow “Girl Jesus” were rescued from the “church” and her sister Moses sent to rehabilitate in Harare under the care of social workers. Her parents got arrested and did time for child abuse.

The Mudzimu Unoyera “church” housed in Chatiza Village, Guruve remains a mystery to many people in the area. Now 26, “Girl Jesus”, still spends most of her time in her bedroom. She still speaks the strange titinoia piridia language only understood by those in her “church”.

As if that was not enough, in June 2013, just before the end of the GNU, another mysterious incident took place – the death of the then Zanu PF Guruve South MP Edward Chindori-Chininga whose car rammed into a tree at night at the Shinje turnoff along the Harare-Guruve Road.

Former Zanu PF Guruve South MP Chindori Chininga's mysterious accident

The accident  left villagers shell-shocked as there were virtually no screech marks or signs to show whether the politician could have tried to apply breaks to stop the car or how it “ploughed” into the homestead and hit the tree 60 metres from the main road.

Villagers who visited the site remarked that the car seemed to have “flown” before landing. Till today, four and half years later, it could still not be understood how the MP lost control of his vehicle and moved 60 metres before ramming into the tree.

What makes it even more mysterious is that a faceless Facebook blogger, Baba Jukwa, who rattled Zanu PF in 2013 by exposing the ruling party's top secrets, had publicly announced that Chindori Chininga would be mysteriously murdered in due course.

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