Prominent pastor targets Beverly Sibanda (SEE PHOTOS)


DANCERS Association of Zimbabwe chairperson Paddington Japajapa accused church leaders of turning their backs on sinners.

Japajapa said this in an exclusive interview with H-Metro at City Sports Bar where he spoke in tongues as he shared the word of God at a show where Beverly Sibanda paraded her trophies on Wednesday.

“I got the calling to visit places where most preachers don’t go because they regard such places as evil areas where angels cannot visit,” said Japajapa.

“Jesus Christ during his time on earth never waited for people to come to the synagogue but invaded places where people would be gathering doing their own things.

“I saw it as an opportunity to share the word of life at this place and you heard Bev saying it is grace from the Lord that gave her strength and stamina to shake her body to win among 15 contestants from various countries.

“Jesus gave us the great commission that is to go to all nations and places including beer halls, places where harIots are found and fish them to Christ so I am a fisher of people.

“You witnessed some people asking me to go ahead with my preaching to prove that they have the hunger and thirst to hear words that give them life.

“God wants sinners to deal with their sins and many preachers miss this important thing and expect people to come to their churches when they stop doing evil. That will never happen and with that knowledge I will not stop preaching in corners.

“The word of God says if we see ourselves holy we are still to know the truth since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

“It is my prayer to see everyone getting an opportunity to receive the abundant grace of the Lord and these people you see in pubs are seeking peace and joy.

“When Beverly stops inserting an bottles in her private parts by hearing the word she will be a powerful preacher and her change will bring glory to God.

“Vemachechi vanodakuraura muswimming pool kuparidzira vakatendeutswa nevamwe vachisoropodzana nekutsvingirana pasi.

“God wants to use the weak to show his love and mercy that is why he used Biblical people like Apostle Paul who was used to preach to the gentiles, Moses also after being known for killing an Egyptian he was sent by God to deliver people of Israel and Raccabi a harlot was also used by God and many other characters you read in the Bible.

“Beverly loves God so do other people out there let’s reach them with the love language and win them to Christ.

“Many people are backsliding in various denominations after learning that their trusted leaders do evil and their destinations are places like beer halls and night clubs so I am announced to heal their wounds and preach grace and the love of God.

“Biblical prophets like Hosea were sent by God to marry a harIot so as to give her real love and stop her evil acts but these verses and chapters are not read in churches.

“God gave everyone some talents and we have to cultivate and let these talents and gifts grow in the love of God wazvinzwa? Enda unozvinyora sezvandataura saka Mwari akakuendesa pabasa rekunyora iro zviite murudo mukutya Mwari usingatyiswe nemunhu anofa,” said Japajapa turning to the writer.

He claimed that a number of revellers approached him seeking to hear more following his teaching and said Bev always asks for prayers whenever she carries her business and dancing.

Revellers raised their hands in prayer as Japajapa led them into a sinner’s prayer at the show where various dancing groups performed. H-Metro

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