PHOTOS: Wife bites off husband’s tongue for refusing to leave the bedroom so that she could entertain her ‘client’


A BUILDER claims he lost a chunk of his tongue after he was allegedly bitten by his wife for refusing to leave the bedroom so that she could entertain her client.

Francis Kuseya

Francis Kuseya, 40, of Mufakose alleges he was injured by his wife Abigail Kadangwe, 22, after he confronted her for bringing a boyfriend to their place of residence.

Narrating his ordeal, Kuseya now suspects that his wife was in the habit of bringing lovers home in his absence.

“What happened is that my wife was used to seeing me going out for my contracts in Stoneridge where I spend three or four days.

“But on the 14th of January, I just decided to go back home and have some rest since I was suffering from severe back pains because of the nature of my job.

“I arrived home at around 11pm only to find my wife absent and just decided to retire to bed thinking she could be at our neighbour’s place,” said Kuseya.

Abigirl Kadangwe

Kuseya also narrated how his wife then arrived home and caused a scene.

“She reacted in a bad way demanding answers on why I had come without informing her; I later realised that there was a man standing outside at the doorway and when I asked her, she said he was her boyfriend.

“In shock, I confronted her and she kept on insisting that I go back to my workplace so that she entertains her lover mentioning that he had a lot of money for her.

“The worst part of it is it’s my house left in my custody by my late parents. I had just taken her from the bar where I met her as a pr0stitute and decided that we take care of each other.”

Kuseya added:

“I was angered to the last that I pulled her down and we started fighting. During the fight, that’s when she bit off the front part of my tongue.

“I launched a complaint at the Mufakose Police Station and right now I’m receiving medication at Harare Hospital.

“I’m praying to God that I find someone who truly loves me because I’m looking forward to settling down.

“It appears all she (Abigirl) wants is money and I am not sure who has the power between the one with money or place to stay.”

Contacted for comment, Kadangwe confirmed the incident but denied having brought a boyfriend to their place of residence with Kuseya.

Francis Kuseya

“Yes it’s true I bit his tongue off during a fight.

“We had a misunderstanding when I arrived home and he was being forceful on me for unknown reasons.

“The dispute then grew into a fight thus leading to the incident I’m still feeling ashamed of what I did,” said Kadangwe who insisted she still loved Kuseya.

She also apologised for the fracas and vowed to respect her husband.

“I’m sorry I still love my husband even though he sent me back to my parents; I am looking forward to reconciling with him,” said Kuseya.

– H-Metro

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