Latest on man who was killed for stealing meat, residents take coffin to butchery & vandalise shop (SEE PICS)


THERE was drama at a funeral in Glen Norah when mourners took the corpse to the shop where the deceased was allegedly murdered.

This follows allegations that the deceased, Israel Mashinge, 32, was murdered in cold blood in a grocery shop in Glen Norah A by shop workers for stealing meat.

The melee occurred soon after body viewing where the deceased’s relatives and neighbours ferried the corpse to the shop where he was allegedly murdered.

“We want to put the corpse inside the shop, we know that the moment we do that he will fight for himself.

“We are angry and we know what we are doing is the only way of revenging,” said Tsungai Mashinge, an aunt of the deceased.

Several attempts were made to break inside the shop but the security personnel blocked mourners.

In their pursuit for ‘revenge’, the mourners left the grocery shop and went to the other shop in Glen Norah B which is also believed to be owned by the same person.

Stones were used to vandalise window panes and CCTV camera outside the building.

Loaves of bread close to the broken windows were looted by mourners who had now teamed up with a mob that gathered.

“We are not apologetic over everything that is going on and if the police are going to come and try to stop, us we will deal with them.

“Our aim was to break into the shop and take the corpse inside so that we do our rituals there.

“We are also aware that if we had broken inside, people were going to loot from the shop.

“We don’t care about that all we wanted was to take the corpse inside the shop,” she said.

Residents bitter. . .

GLEN Norah residents are bitter with a local shop owner whose workers allegedly beat to death a suspected thief who had stolen meat.

The residents blamed Tawanda Chivavaya, the Super Choice shop owner for the death of Israel Mashinge after his employees allegedly assaulted the suspect to death.

The deceased’s close friend, Marvelous Dzapasi, said Chivavaya, who runs shops in Glen Norah A and B respectively, must stop operating in the area since most people were scared of him and with his workers.

“For the safety of the community, it is better that he stops operating his business in this area because such an act is inhumane.

“As a business operator, he must work with the community in a good manner,” he said.

Most of the residents who preferred anonymity, said they were not safe anymore.

“We are not saying theft is a good thing, but kana munhu aba haarohwe zvakadayi, munhu aba mu shop angatodirwa flour kana kunamirwa ma pictures ake shop yese kuti anyadziswe, kwete zvekuponda munhu kusvika kurufu.

“This is not the first time since there are some cases where people were beaten by the shop’s security guards and they were badly injured, so we just want him to leave this place and operate elsewhere.

“Chanyanya kutityisa ndechekuti munhu anogara nechitunha mu cold room for the whole day achititengesera nyama iyoyo, we are no longer sure if he doesn’t sell dead people’s meat to us”.

Most residents held a demonstration yesterday in Glen Norah A and later proceeded to the shop where they vandalised the supermarket.

After laying the deceased to rest, residents came back charged and went on to break the shop at Glen Norah B flats.

Police moved swiftly and controlled the situation as they threatened to empty the shop.

– HMetro

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