VIDEO: MDC Leader Nelson Chamisa addresses current national crisis … to go on foreign trip soon


MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has held a Press conference at Morgan Tsvangirai House in Harare where he said his party would defy the police if they attempted to block their upcoming anniversary celebrations. His words reproduced verbatim below:

“An illegitimate government is always clueless. We cannot move on under the circumstances of an illegitimate government. Instead of moving on we move around.”

“I fully understand the pain of Zimbabweans, I associate with it everyday. People are calling me wanting solutions, they want solutions from the person they voted for. I spoke about spaghetti roads, Mnangagwa has given us spaghetti queues.”

“No investor will come into a country where they are told country is open for business, when in fact it’s open for craziness.”

“The government is at war with the people. They know they did not win the mandate of the people.”

“Cholera has helped Zanu PF to ban our activities. This weekend we have said if police indicate they are not willing to let us proceed, we will use all peaceful mechanisms to ensure our anniversary celebration goes on on October 27. We call on all our supporters to attend.”

“To all the workers, to all Zimbabweans, the time has come. The time has come for us to reflect on our circumstances and find common solutions to our common problems.”

“As far as we are concerned, we must go back to the path of legitimacy by reversing the coup of July 30. We want the will of the people to be respected.”

“Mnangagwa can go to Davos, China and everywhere but nothing will change. When I also go on foreign trip soon, I will be singing a different tune and the country does not need this discord.”

“We must abolish the bond. Stop pretending bond and USD 1:1, that’s self-delusion. We need an inquiry into Treasury Bills and the domestic debt. This odious debt was accrued without the oversight of Parliament.”

Watch video below

— Kukurigo

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