JUST IN: Apostle Chiwenga fears for his life after Vice President Chiwenga’s threats (WATCH VIDEO)


In a Facebook Live broadcast on Tuesday evening, Apostle Talent Chiwenga responded to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s warning fake prophets who hide behind the name of God to attack the national leadership and extort money from the public.

Apostle Chiwenga revealed Vice President Chiwenga is his cousin brother and he was interrogated by State security agents at his rural homestead in Hwedza on Saturday. He was interrogated over a video in which he is alleged to have said the former Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) general is not fit to lead Zimbabwe. Apostle Chiwenga said the Chiwenga family had resolved to discuss the video which had angered President Mnangagwa’s Deputy and resolve the issue.

He said he feared for his life because he was forced to surrender his personal details including his home address to the State security agents. Apostle Chiwenga said his rights were violated according to Section 61 subsection 1(a) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. He also said Vice President Chiwenga should have approached the courts if he felt aggrieved. Apostle Chiwenga added that he is ready to face the consequences of speaking what God has instructed him to say. Said Chiwenga:

I am a very, very young man I cannot challenge him when it comes to physical issues of this life. He is an elderly brother to me. I was born in 1985, 5 years after he had come back from war. Therefore I cannot speak anything that might derogate him or speak evil about him, he is an elder.

But he must also understand that as young as I am I serve the God of heaven and when it comes to my office as an Apostle my age in my life, in my body no longer matters. I speak for the God of heaven and the God of heaven challenges, he corrects people and he rebukes people who he wants to correct.

And if he chooses to use me to correct Vice President Chiwenga and Vice President Chiwenga believes that because he has got all these credentials that made people respect him, revere him and some fear him, he thinks that I can also fear him and therefore I should not speak the mind of God.

Then I think Vice President Chiwenga is sadly mistaken. I do not fear him, I respect him as a brother. I speak what God instructs me to say. I am willing to die for what I say. As a preacher of the Gospel I know the consequences that Jesus said the Ministers of the Gospel are going to encounter…

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— Pindula

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