PIC: Drama as prostitute’s blow up condoms and display sex moves on top of men at colleague’s funeral


HOOKERS stopped a Catholic priest from giving a graveside speech with their seductive dances arguing that their departed friend was never into church.

Sex workers accommodated in the Avenues hired a commuter omnibus to Mufakose and Zororo cemetery where they gave their last respects to the late Samantha Nhlanhla by dramatizing how she had been hooking up with men for sex.

The Priest read a passage of scripture from Revelations 14:13 before the hookers interjected describing Samantha as a pagan.

“Samantha taimuziva achinwa hwahwa saka totomboita zvekukechwa, totsvaga mhene, tipei carpet iyo tikuratidzei zvairaramisa Samantha,” one of the hookers was heard saying before dragging the funeral parlour carpet and displaying some sex moves on top of a man they had made to lie down.

They blew condoms, disturbed undertakers from their duties appealing for more time to give last respects while taking dagga.

Some of the mourners were forced to leave the burial site as the sex workers took dagga and sprinkled beer all over the gravesite chanting songs.

Speaking to H-Metro, Nhlanhla family spokesperson Brighton Nhlanhla said Samantha was the breadwinner and her grandmother was receiving support from her.

“Samantha was born in a family of two girls and was the first born,” said Nhlanhla.

“Her young sister is based in South Africa and she was the one who looked after her grandmother. We lost a loving lady.

“As for what actually happened on the fateful day, her friends are the best people to talk to and one of them approached me saying she had a dream concerning Samantha.

“The case is now being handled by police and we are waiting for their investigations,” said Nhlanhla.

One of the self-confessed hookers dismissed claims by one of the hookers that she had a dream saying people were jealous of Samantha.

“Isu tinoita zvedu zvechipfambi tichitenga mutoriro asi Samantha anga akarongeka, asinahutsinye achigara ega kwete zvekugara makawanda muroom kunge mbeva,” one of the hookers said.

“As for the dream irikutaurwa usanyeperwe nemahur* aya. Mahur* havarote hope nekuti Havana nguva yekurara uye hope dzemasikati hadzitendwe,” she said.

Some were seen exchanging contacts with some of the male mourners, presumably for communications services.

— HMetro

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