Enzo Ishall attacked after video of young schoolgirl dancing to his song 50 Magate went viral (VIDEO)


ZIM dancehall man of the moment Enzo Ishall has been attacked by some sections of social media for influencing the youths the wrong way with his songs like ’50 Magate’.

However, the dancehall sensation has refuted the claims that he is a bad influence to the youths.

One of his recent releases – 50 Magate – has generated interest on social media with a dancing challenge for the song currently trending.

The musician has so much influence that even videos of kids dancing to the songs have gone viral – and this has not gone down well with some.

Enzo Ishall’s manager DJ Fantan told H-Metro yesterday that his artiste is an entertainer who sings real ghetto stories.

Fantan admits his artiste’s influence saying they did not also expect that his music will also capture the attention of minors.

He, however, said they don’t have control over people’s interpretation of songs.

“Look we don’t have control over how people interpret songs. It is no doubt that Enzo Ishall is the man of the moment and is influential even to minors, you can hear kids singing aka. But to say he is a bad influence is farfetched.

“If we are to interpret the song in question (Magate), it’s about a woman who is actually possessed with evil spirits of dancing and Enzo is actually calling for exorcism but people end up doing a challenge of their own.

“And on the issue of children dancing to the song, some of those videos are not even from Zimbabwe. People just looked for videos that are synchronizing with the song and make their own videos, it’s not like all those kids danced to the song,” said Fantan.

He said the same happened to the song Kanjiva as people ended giving up their own interpretation.

“The same happened with Kanjiva, we gave the real meaning of the song but people still continued coming up with their own versions.

“This does not only happen to Enzo but several artistes, I have also read musicians being asked to explain their songs after interpretations by fans,” said Fantan.

Fantan said it is unfortunate that people are hyping controversial songs ignoring other ‘clean’ songs.

He said in as much as his artiste is an entertainer, he also tries to compose songs that encourage people to do good things.

“As I mentioned earlier, Enzo is an entertainer, he sings things that he encounters in his life. Obviously those ghetto life stories for example in the song Next Time.

“This, however, does not mean he does not sing about good things, talk of the song Matsimba or Chinorwadza Kunyarara.

“Matsimba is a song about the girl child, the problems they face in life and how to counter them, and unfortunately people ignore all that to focus on what they want, which is not our problem,” said Fantan.

Meanwhile, several comments on Twitter blasted Enzo for being a bad influence with many commenting on Star FM’s twitter handle and other twitter handles.

Star FM tweeted: Local musician Enzo Ishall’s #50MagateChallenge Challenge seems to be taking social media by storm. Some are enjoying the challenge whilst some are criticizing it saying it’s sexually objectifying women. What are you thoughts?

The tweet attracted a huge debate and below are some of the responses . . .

It shows how we have have sunk as a society to be swept by such nonsense – @BlessMurev

Its a very silly song but very catchy too, fifte zvikaramba sixite, sixite sevente , obviously it has sexual connotations.- Rufaro Magumise

Our society, culturally, is designed in a model which follows that Men objectify women, Women objectify men. Both actors accept this as means to unlock the other. A man knows materials will get her in pants, a woman knows inside pants is the key to materials. AFRICAN GROOMING. – Mukanya

Not sexually insulting but rather disrespectful to our local religion. Plus hanzi mabums here kana Kuti chiuno, all those ladies are shaking their assets not whining their waistlines….oh my goodness these girls can’t whine.- Jonny Gambler

i think its not really fit to be played on radio have u guys seen the video.-Gamu

Comments talking about they were not forced or under duress,they willingly participate which is okay. But the question is whether it’s sexually objectifying women? The answer is yes it is. It could be voluntarily and there could be consent but it’s still sexually objectifying – Willie Morekupa

I don’t think the kanjiva singer is a good example for our children . His songs and inferences are obscene. – Sherekete

Everything needs moderation. We might raise a directionless generation. Music without value. – Francis godo

Nothing wrong ipapo asingayide usaridze ndikoko tokupa 50 magate. good yako hayisi good yangu inga zvimambuya gore riya patv kumagala aya paya….vaiizunza sele yese pascreen hapana akambocriticiza,vana vakaonawo anamomz saka bhoo takadaro – Fortune de souza

Well women have the right to choose what they take part in ,if a women decides to take part in the challenge she sees nothing wrong with it .There are so many international challenges such as this one that certain women take part in ,at least this is local #doingitforziminyourway – @chadsmilli

Ko are.any of the women who are taking part in the challenge doing so under duress…..if so please make a police report…if not then dance on….

Sexually objectifying kudiii kwacho Pagona mwana wevamwe rumbidzaiwo tt song saved us pa festive season takapotsa tatovhara gore tisina song yekutamba muma streets thanks ba Nenyasha @EnzoIshal – chelz grande

People will always complain of raising dust while walking on water..Enzo is not there to abuse wemen but to widen up the entertainment – Simbarashe

.. are these women being forced against their will to participate in the challenge??… or vanhu vakudawo zvavo kungotamba? – Taku

Were Men financially Objectified on the Ginimbi challenge. #Ngavakwane – Tinashe Tauta

Watch video below

— HMetro

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