Traditional leader beating up teen lovers video goes viral (WATCH VIDEO)


A Matabeleland traditional leader has been captured administering corporal punishment on two wayward teenage lovers. The two teenagers were given a sound hiding in front of all villagers and possibly their parents. The video has since gone viral.

Corporal punishment or physical punishment is a punishment intended to cause physical pain on a person. It is most often practised on minors, especially in home and school settings. Common methods include spanking or paddling. It has also historically been used on adults, particularly on prisoners and enslaved people. Other common methods include flagellation and caning.

Official punishment for crime by inflicting pain or injury was practised in most civilizations since ancient times. However, with the growth of humanitarian ideals since the enlightenment, such punishments were increasingly viewed as inhumane. By the late 20th century, corporal punishment had been eliminated from the legal systems of most developed countries.

Watch video below

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