Broke former Warriors striker Shingi Kawondera now mentally challenged: Ndakaroyiwa!


Former warriors striker Shingi Kawondera is reportedly  mentally ill amid revelations that he has developed violent traits that have seen one of his neighbours fleeing home after receiving death threats from the former Warriors striker.

The footballer’s condition is said to have deteriorated more than two week ago after he allegedly moved around his neighbourhood naked while attacking anyone who tried to restrain him. According to a mole, the footballer, who spent more than ten years in Europe, had to be restrained by Police who took him to a clinic in Ruwa.

"The problem started about two weeks ago when he started attacking people who were passing by in his neighbourhood. He was naked and he became very violent and he was targeting men who were passing by. The Police came and took him and I have never seen him since then till yesterday (Sunday). One of the women who was helping his family to consult prophets and traditional healers has since left this place after she was threatened by Shingi who told the woman that he was going to attack her," revealed the mole.

Another relative, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said his financial problems could have triggered his current problem.

"As you know Shingi made a lot of money during his heyday but because he had a lot of women and lost a lot of property through most of his nasty divorces, he has never been the same again. He had resorted to taking a lot of drugs or anything that could get him get tipsy and help him forget his sorrows," narrated the relative.

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