Amai Grace Mugabe in cancer suspicion scare


Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe, is allegedly suffering from a chronic form of cancer, thus resulting in her current loss of weight, which has also reportedly forced her to remove her trademark dreadlocks, as fears over the disease mount, sources close to the first family’s privacy have revealed, The Telescope News reported.

Grace has been in and out of hospital in secret over the years, for  mysterious health treatments in Singapore and sometimes Hong Kong, first thought of as normal check-ups but it would seem, President Robert Mugabe’s wife could be taking chemotherapy treatment, if these reports, which we cannot independently varify are accurate.

Chemotherapy, is the treatment of disease by means of chemicals that have a specific toxic effect upon the disease, producing microorganisms  that selectively destroy cancerous tissues. The treatment works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells, which grow and divide quickly. It can also harm healthy cells that divide quickly, such as those that line your mouth and intestines or cause your hair to grow. Damage to healthy cells may cause side effects. Often, side effects get better or go away after chemotherapy is over, according to

“Many people have been raising alarm over the first lady’s well-being over the past few months, because she appears to be wasting away,” said a government official who claims to be a close relative. “I was told last month by some officials at ZAOGA church in Harare, that they have been requested to pray for her (Grace), so that the  rumoured or suspected cancer goes away.”
Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, was not answering his mobile phone last night, while a staffer at the President’s Office, professed ignorance about the matter.

“Kana mashaya nyaya, endai monodhakwiswa nemasese (If you have no stories, it’s better for you to be drunken by traditional brew),” said the staffer. “The first lady is very fit. You journalists, especially your editor in Germany are trouble causers and makers. Editor wenyu anopenga ( Your editor is crazy). Tell him that he is not a doctor. Why do you enjoy demonising your own mother, because she is the mother of Zimbabwe?”

Observers say, a video which surfaced on the internet last month (above), about Mugabe and his wife in Singapore expose the alleged cancer, which the first lady is suspected of suffering from. In the 32 second video, Grace, appears to be frail and stutters for words, as she attempts to prevent the filming of Mugabe, as they enter a top-notch health facility in Singapore. This is in contrast to her encounter, with a British journalist in 2009, at an upmarket Honk Kong department store, where she was bullish, to the extent of punching the journalist with a diamond ring she was wearing, and said to have caused several cuts to the scribe’s face.

This publication reported last month that, the first lady, was the one who had been flown to Singapore, for urgent medical attention, contrary to reports in government papers, that her husband, was the one going for routine cataract check-ups.

Mugabe’s spokesman, Charamba, sold a dummy to the media, by issuing a “cover-up statement”, suggesting that, the ailing Zanu PF leader was the one undergoing a routine cataract check-up, excluding Mugabe’s wife alleged serious condition treatment.

The Telescope News, is the first online news publication, which covers Zimbabwe extensively to raise alarm on the health suspicion, that all is not well for the first lady.

“It is Amai (Grace), who is seriously ill and she has been receiving treatment at a private hospital in Singapore city for some three or so years now,” said an intelligence source in our previous report. “Yes, the President always has his own routine eye check-up, but it is not as serious, as what is being potrayed by the media. You people must do your investigations properly, and you will not struggle to break this one. Unfortunately local media players, are unable to send their journalists to Singapore. In Harare, the populace will remain in the dark. The President, is not severe as the first lady. However, we do not know, what she is suffering from?”

In 2011, Mugabe made a similar, sudden disappearence to Singapore on a Friday evening, to seek medical treatment in the Asian country, but it turned out, Grace, was the one being attended to, for a “serious ailment”, which we now know could be cancer.
During the same year, the Mugabe’s travelled to Singapore countless times, blowing millions of tax-payer dollars, under the guise of Mugabe’s eye operations and cataract problems.

Charamba, as expected told a local weekly newspaper, at the time, that he had not been briefed about the controversial Singapore trip, which raised speculation about the first lady’s alleged failing health.

“It could be that they went to visit their daughter (Bona) who is on attachment in China, because they usually meet up in Singapore but then maybe there is something else,” Charamba said at the time. “However, it cannot be anything serious. Usually, if I am in Harare, I will go and see him (Mugabe) off at the airport and I would be briefed on the reason on why he is travelling but I am in Kadoma attending a Zimbabwe Media Commission conference.”

Charamba, has also denied that Grace according to media reports, was suffering from a dislocated hip, after slipping in the bathroom at the first family’s Borrowdale residence.

Courtesy of Africa-Asia confidential

First Lady of Zimbabwe; Second Wife of Robert Mugabe
Date of Birth: 23/07/1964
Place of Birth: South Africa –

Source: The Telescope News

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