Mabhebhi Akawanda singer Bazooker enjoys unprotected se_x with 3 girls and impreg_nates 2 (PICTURES)

Bazooker and Trinity

POPULAR Zim dancehall chanter Bazooker seems to be living what he sings in some of his controversial songs as one of his purported girlfriends confessed to having unprotected se_x with the chanter.

The Mabhebhi Akawanda singer has also been accused of impreg_nating another of his lovers.

Bazooker and Ashley

The young lady who refused to reveal her identity said she was confronted by two of Bazooker’s girlfriends only identified as Trinity and Mikayla on social media after posting her images.

The lady said Mikayla went on to share her image revealing her baby bump as shown on the pictures.

However, when Bazooker was contacted by H-Metro for comment, he fumed and refused to give much details about the ladies.

“I think you should mind your own business. Do you have a family? I have never asked you about your family or your personal life.

“So don’t ask me about my girlfriends.

Bazooker and Trinity

“Are you Mikayla’s boyfriend? Ita zvekubasa kwako. Makatopenga makadaro musatsvage zvakawanda pandiri asi matumwa here?” asked Bazooker.

The alleged Bazooker’s girlfriend explained how she found out about the chanter’s promiscu0us behaviour.

“I found out about his cheating when I posted a picture of me and him on Instagram.

“Then a girl by the name Mikayla confronted me saying she is preg_nant for Bazooker.

“She sent me her picture showing off her preg_nancy.


“Mikayla and the other girl by the name Trinity seem to have agreed to be Bazooker’s girlfriends as they added me in a WhatsApp group insulting me to leave Bazooker alone.

“Trinity is also claiming to be preg_nant and it shows he has been having unprotected se_x with all of us.

“I am going to be done naye Ndofa neAIDS. Ndichishingirira munhu anongoita unprotected se_x pese pese,” said the young lady.

This situation is closer to the lyrics of one of his song titled Mabhebhi Akawanda where he brags:

“Ndine Mabhebhi Akawanda mamwe acho ndongomitisa… mamwe acho ndongoitisa mamwe acho macondom ndinoshandisa ku…awandisa mamwe ndakumakitisa…”

— HMetro

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