VIDEO: Pastor Ndlovu reveals what God told him about Mnangagwa, Lion & Chamisa…Thus says the Lord


Prominent Bulawayo based pastor and leader of the Devine Kingdom Baptist Ministry, Ian Ndlovu has issued a prophecy concerning President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, Mugabe’s family, Nelson Chamisa, the Lion and the nation of Zimbabwe. Said Ndlovu:

“I’m going to read what the Holy Spirit instructed me to write so that I don’t add my own words. Thus says the Almighty God, to the political Prince in Zimbabwe now that your father, the King, the Elder one has died, walk with carefullness. The Lord says you have done well so far in your treatment of the family of your late political father.

“This has been in spite of misgivings and mistrust. The Lord says be courageous because the nation I have put in your hands is delicate and the people in it are precious in my sight. Handle my nation and my people with care, total care, tough times lie ahead of you and your people but trust in me says the spirit of God.

“It is not any spirit that gave you the seat of power you have but God Almighty himself. It is true that your enemies within and without are scheming against you and your seat of power. Let my wisdom and courage guide you. I have opened a window of opportunity for you to dialogue with your political son who prefers to call you his brother.

“Dialogue and consensus is the way forward. Though some may scheme betrayal and intrigue against you, the Lion stands with you. I have given him the heart to learn from you in order to carry forward and perfect the work you are doing.

“Remember no matter what, you are not to humiliate your mother lest you attract a curse for your seat of power and the nation in your hands. Preserve her dignity. I WILL GRANT YOU LONG LIFE AND REST AMONG YOUR ENEMIES. Thus says the spirit of God.”

Ndlovu rose to prominence during the 2018 election period where he correctly predicted the election of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the events that would happen afterwards including the court challenge that was filed by the opposition MDC.

Watch video below:


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