Chamisa has no idea how to get out of a situation than to say Mnangagwa is illegitimate: Madhuku


THE Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) has slammed propaganda by the Western countries that sanctions against Zimbabwe were targeted, insisting that they were hurting the economy and should be removed.

Polad, which brings together leaders of political parties that contested in the 2018 elections, also berated some political parties including the Mr Nelson Chamisa-led MDC-Alliance for being sanctions cheer leaders yet the embargo was causing a lot of suffering among Zimbabweans.

Speaking at a Press conference after a recent Polad meeting in Bulawayo, the body said there was an urgent need to chart a new path in addressing socio-economic and political differences instead of making decisions on partisan lines.

Polad member and 2018 presidential candidate said Mr Kwanele Hlabangana said while there is clear need for reforms in the country, the country’s citizens should lead the process.

“As Polad we are very clear on reforms. We are saying to the Government, it should move on these issues not for the Americans and British to tell us that there is corruption in this country. We know there is corruption and we are very vocal on that. We want corruption to end. We want culprits to be arrested and convicted because corruption is affecting our investments,” said Mr Hlabangana.

“We are also saying sanctions are there and they are hurting ordinary Zimbabweans, they are affecting the growth of the economy, no investment is coming into the country.

“Even technologically we have not advanced; we are going backward. As a sub-committee on (international relations and) re-engagement we are going to be approaching those countries that imposed sanctions on the country.”

Mr Hlabangana said it was time for Zimbabweans to stop painting a bad image of the country and be part of the solution.

National Constitutional Assembly president, Professor Lovemore Madhuku said citizens should not be blind to the Western countries’ propaganda on Zimbabwe as the country is seriously affected by sanctions.

“I think it’s nonsensical for anyone to claim that this country is not under sanctions. It will be a waste of our university and higher education to still produce people in this country who can go around with a masters or a bachelor’s degree and say that Zimbabwe is not affected by sanctions, that there are no sanctions and write beautiful stories that there are no sanctions when the countries that impose them say ‘we are not going to remove this until you do that,’” said Prof Madhuku.

He said it was his hope that the younger electorate who would be voting for the first time in 2023 will not be voting for parties that call for sanctions on the country.

Prof Madhuku condemned MDC Alliance deputy president Mr Tendai Biti for lacking principles and singing for his supper.

“I have a friend of mine called Biti. He tried to form a political party (the People’s Democratic Party). He was very unhappy with what was happening under Tsvangirai and formed a party but later went back. He is now very senior in that party, he is the vice president. When he left and was out there, he was supporting all the points I’m making now,” said Prof Madhuku.

“Maybe he found that that message was not getting much traction so when he went back, he now sings the praises of Chamisa. You get a person of his age singing the praises of Chamisa. That is what he does every day.

“Chamisa has no idea how to get out of a situation than to say (President) Mnangagwa is illegitimate. You just tell me what he believes about the economy is just one song, he had what we call the state of whatever address.

“We also listened and he said let’s go to demonstrations. What is that? I will again for the third time use the word ‘nonsense,’” said Prof Madhuku.

— Chronicle

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