Musiyei apenge: Passion ‘Twabam’ Java savages Chiwenga after he revealed his real name (WATCH VIDEO)


Social media savvy prophet, Passion Java, has clapped back at fellow clergyman, Apostle Talent Chiwenga after the latter called him out on using a fake name for his ministry.

A laughing Passion Java who is currently in lockdown posted a video clip in which he flayed into the garrulous Chiwenga.

“Siyanai neni, hanzi ndiite reply kumukomana uyu wengozi, wekuchekeresa mukadzi anopenga. Hazvizoiti kuti CEO anetsane naMahobho. (Leave me alone, you wanted me to reply to Apostle Chiwenga’s tirade against me, he sacrificed his own wife. I’m too big to be squabbling with lowly guys like him).

Passion Java said Chiwenga just wanted to gain mileage by mentioning him. He said the apostle was a non factor who didn’t even deserve his time.

“Mukomana ngaambowedzera value tozomupindura, for now imbosiyai apenge!” (I will reply to him after his street value increases. For now let him remain in his insanity”

This follows after Apostle Chiwenga called Passion Java a fake prophet who is using a fake name.

Chiwenga flayed into Java during an evening street sermon.

In his sermon the apostle was talking about a fake prophet and sorcerer in the Bible called Bar-Jesus

Said Chiwenga, “Bar-Jesus rakanga risiri zita raakapiwa na baba vake namai vake, it was a trade name. Zvakangofanana nekuti Passion Java. Harisi zita take, anonzi Panganai. Mufana arikutemesa vanhu musoro paChitungwiza uyu anonzi Panga ( Like Bar Jesus used a trade name, so does the man who calls himself Passion Java. It’s not his birth name, his name is Panganai! This guy whose fame has spread in Chitungwiza is called Panga)

Watch Panganai’s reply below:

— iHarare

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