I wanted to cry when he refused to have sεx with me: Drama as massage kings drive women crazy (PIC)


THEY were known for their se_xy performances at Disoufeng Pub in Soweto, which blew women away.

The se_xy dancers now offer private exotic massages all over the country.

Massage kings drive ladies crazy!

Owner of Soweto Se_xiest Guys, Wawa Mdebuka (36), told Daily Sun the idea of exotic massages started last year, but things slowed down because of the pandemic.

“We’re back in business, now that lockdown regulations have been relaxed,” said Wawa.

He said some women asked for a poke, but they were professional and wouldn’t want to jeopardise their reputation.

Wawa said even though they received positive feedback from women, they also received negative feedback from their boyfriends.

“It’s sad that they see us as a threat, but we’re just here to make their partners happy,” he said.

Wawa said bookings are done seven days prior, with a 50% deposit. Sessions cost R500 and R200 for travelling around Joburg.

He said he planned to buy his own club in Soweto to render these services.

Women who spoke to Daily Sun recommended the massage services. One of them said her massage was so great she felt as if she wanted the man to poke her.

She said she even asked, but he wasn’t interested.

“I wanted to cry when he said no, but I’m glad he didn’t take advantage of me,” she said.

Another woman said her man was against the exotic massage, but she had it anyway.

“I enjoyed myself. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” she said.

Men aren’t pleased.

Sizwe Myeni said: “I was with my girlfriend when we saw the promo video and I could see she was already losing focus. I just hope she respects me enough not to do this.”

— DailySun

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