Zim leaders in BIG trouble: 2 coffins prophet Chiwenga strikes again, reveals vision God showed him


Apostle Talent Chiwenga has delivered a sensational prophecy saying some people in the country’s high offices are soon going to die for persecuting renowned journalist Hopewell Chin’ono.

He says Chin’ono has never demanded to be given President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s throne, but he is being tormented for saying things that would benefit all Zimbabweans, like an end to corruption and respect for human rights.

Chiwenga says God is not happy with how Chin’ono is being treated and will punish those who are arresting him, those causing his arrested and those torturing him. He said some of them will be punished with death

According to Apostle Chiwenga, the punishing of Chin’ono’s persecutors will happen within three years from now, and among them, a judge will be punished by way of a sickness and will be bedridden for life.

Chiwenga also said there is a plot by Chin’ono’s tormentors to poison him with a chemical which will kill him slowly, but warned that when this happens the country will be cursed and will suffer for thirty years.

Chiwenga, a  preacher with an uncanny habit of predicting key events in Zimbabwe, in 2018 said he saw two important people dying in quick succession in Zimbabwe, with a bearing on the country’s future.

“I see two coffins, coffins that will bring this country to a standstill. People right now have people they have in mind that they think are dying, but I see people surprised, saying ‘we thought this one was in good health, what happened?’

“One person is being buried and preparations are being made to go and pick up the second body for burial,” Chiwenga, of the Jesus Revelation Ministries, said in the prophecy delivered during a Sunday service on September 16 and posted on YouTube on September 18, 2018.

Apostle Chiwenga, who claims he hears from God, previously foretold the death of former MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster. In the same prophecy on Mugabe’s exit, he said his successor would be an interim leader and would rule for a “very short time”.


— ZW

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