Late Robert Mugabe exhumation and reburial saga: Prophet Blessing Chiza drops scary prophecy (VIDEO)


Prophet Blessing Chiza of the Eagle Life Assembly Church has warned Zimbabweans not to redig and rebury former President Robert Mugabe’s body. According to Prophet Chiza, God does not want Mugabe’s body to be exhumed and Zimbabwe will be judged harshly if the exhumation takes place.

The flamboyant self-styled prophet claims to have prophesied in 2017, that Zimbabweans would redig Mugabe’s remains for reburial at the National Heroes Acre.

Chiza went on to say that God has told him that Zimbabweans should pray to ensure that the re-digging of Mugabe’s body does not take place, otherwise, they will incur his wrath.

Speaking during a church service over the weekend, the founder of Eagle Life Assembly Church in Bulawayo said, “God was saying, Zimbabweans must also pray because that incident must not happen because it is also an escalation of idolatry.

“Because there are some people who are being entered by demons and are wrongly instructing some of our leaders in the nation that if you redig and get the body of Mugabe you will get the sceptre of kingship that he was carrying.”

He goes on to say that the re-digging of Mugabe’s body will have dire consequences for the nation and that people should pray to make sure that this does not come to pass.

“All those things will bring serious consequences to our nation if the body of Christ does not pray.

“God wants us to pray so that the hearts of men may be entered so that they don’t go to such an extent of going to redig the grave of a man who is gone long back.

“They think that his bones can improve the economy of Zimbabwe, yet during his time he could not improve the economy. Why do you think his bones will give you prosperity and they will make you to do better. It’s a lie of the devil.”

Prophet Chiza claimed that when God punishes a nation, he punishes everyone, including the innocent and gave the Biblical example of what happened to Pharaoh and Egypt in the Old Testament.

“When God is judging a nation, he even judges it with the people inside and it affects the rest of the populace of the nation.

“When God was striking Egypt, judging their carved images and their gods, the Egyptians suffered…but some of them were innocent.”

He also said that this issue had been revealed to him long before Mugabe died. He added that after they had uploaded the video of the prophecy on Youtube, they had to remove parts of the content after the Mugabe family reached out to the church.

Prophet Chiza also sparked controversy when he condemned Mbuya Nehanda’ statue during the same service. He claimed that God is not happy with Mbuya Nehanda’s statue and will visit suffering on the people of Zimbabwe until they remove and destroy the statue.

Watch video below:

— iHarare

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