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Vice-President Mujuru says she is confused and unsatisfied with explanations regarding the cause of a fire that razed two houses at her farm in Ruwa last Thursday.

In an interview, VP Mujuru said reports she has received were far from convincing, though police have ruled out foul play.

A nine-roomed thatched house, a round hut and a fowl run at Tarisa Farm were destroyed in the inferno that engulfed a section of the homestead.

VP Mujuru's stepson, Tendayi, who lives at the farm, later explained that the fire started when he tried to burn a snake.

The incident has spawned conspiracy theories, with some suggesting internal fights in Zanu-PF could have triggered arson.

On Friday, VP Mujuru said: "The Ruwa incident . . . that one is a confusing state of affairs because when I got there, the two houses had already been razed to the ground. I tried to find out from the young man who stays there. The story was not very convincing, so I thought to myself (to) leave everything to God."

The incident occurred four years after her husband, General (Retired) Solomon Mujuru, was killed in a fire at his farm in Beatrice. After Gen Mujuru's death, the family requested an inquest.

Harare regional magistrate Walter Chikwanha ruled there was no foul play and said the national hero died of asphyxiation.

In response, the family lawyer, Mr Thador Kewada, unsuccessfully pushed for an independent pathologist to exhume the body for further investigation.

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