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A 38- YEAR-OLD Nyanga man allegedly strangled his sick mother to death two weeks ago after he was apparently offended by her friends' frequent visits.

Shingai Hamunakwadi was last week not asked to plead to the murder charge when he appeared before Nyanga magistrate Ignatio Mhene. He was remanded in custody to May 29 and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

State allegations are that on May 14, the accused's mother Clara Hamunakwadi fell sick and her friends visited her at her homestead in Maposa village in the Chief Hata area in Nyanga.

However, her son Shingai chased them away, saying their frequent visits were annoying him.

His mother reprimanded him, resulting in a heated brawl.

In the ensuing melee, the accused, who allegedly had a long-standing dispute with his mother over an undisclosed matter, then pushed his sick mother into a pantry, forcing her to fall headlong.

Determined to "fix" his mother, Hamunakwadi allegedly took a piece of cloth and strangled her to death.

The court heard that after committing the heinous crime, the accused stormed out and went to the nearby Sedze business centre.

Late in the night, he allegedly returned home and stage-managed events to appear as if his mother had committed suicide.

Hamunakwadi is said to have carried his mother's body to her bedroom about 10 metres from the pantry where he tied her neck to the roof using a piece of cloth. The following day he told police that his mother had committed suicide.

However, police investigations led to his arrest after it apparently emerged that he had strangled her.

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