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White woman gets pregnant after watching porn, gives birth to a black baby A white American couple had a black baby, and the woman claimed she has fallen pregnant after watching a 3D p*rnographic movie.

The child's father, Erick Johnson who is a soldier, had been away for a year, serving in a military base in Iraq and on his return, the gunman found a black baby at home.

His wife, Jennifer Stewart (38) told him that the baby had been conceived while she had been watching a 3D p*rn movie since she was sex starved.

"I see no reason not to believe her because these 3D films are very lifelike. With the technology of today, everything is possible," said the soldier who spent a year away from his p*rn loving wife.

The man has since registered the baby as his own child.

Jennifer said she had gone to a P*rn Cinema in New York with her female friends when she fell pregnant. She  had only gone this time to see how a p*rn movie looks like with 3D effects. Interestingly, she further claimed that the child looked exactly like the black male lead in the film.

"A month after watching the film I found I was pregnant. I am going to sue the cinema and the producers. Luckily my husband believes me. It could have wrecked my marriage, but he knows I am faithful to him," she claimed.

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