A student at Chinhoyi University of Technology is alleged to have given birth by herself in a bathroom before pouring boiling water on the baby, killing it instantly.

Rumbidzai Thelma Mupatsi (19) an accounting student who was in her first year is said to have put the baby's corpse in a suitcase intending to dispose it in a bin. This was obviously after she had unprotected sex with someone who supposedly was not ready to get married to her.

Thelma is said to have been apprehended by a school warden following a tip off before she had dumped the baby's corpse.

Sources revealed that Thelma had intentionally missed the college bus on Tuesday as she wanted to commit the heinous act alone.

"She missed the college bus I guess as she intended to terminate the pregnancy. She was however heard groaning in the bathroom by another girl who had missed lectures that morning. When the girl knocked on the bathroom door and asked what the problem was, Thelma insisted that she was having period pains. The girl however saw a lot of blood flowing in the drain - a sign that she was bleeding profusely prompting her to alert a warden. She still insisted that she was having period pains when the warden asked what the problem was," said the mole.

Thelma is alleged to have taken labour including tablets after locking herself in the bathroom.

"It seems she then gave birth and poured boiling water on the baby before wrapping it with her linen. She was caught at the gate by the warden when she was asked to open the suitcase," said another student.

Source alleged that Thelma had earlier on lied that she had fibroids and when she started bleeding she said it was a result of the growth.

"Thelma had earlier told us that she had a growth in her tummy which had caused her stomach to bulge. She was however acting weird this semester to the extent that she had distanced herself from friends.

"Two weeks ago she went home where she also told her parents that she had fibroids. We were actually together on Monday but she looked really stressed and I could tell something was wrong," another student said.

Thelma however vehemently denied that she killed the baby. She said she had a still birth.

"I didn't kill the baby and it wasn't an unwanted pregnancy like what people think. I gave birth to the baby but it died," she claimed.

Contrary to what Thelma said, other sources stated that she terminated the full term pregnancy belonging to a 49-year-old Chinhoyi businessman after he had denied responsibility.

This incident occurs at a time an NGO had revealed that thousands of female students at tertiary institutions are resorting to risky methods to terminate pregnancies. Abortion is illegal in Zimbabwe.



Mwana WaGushungo
+10#Mwana WaGushungo2014-11-05 11:17
The girl child continues to disappoint as usual . Watombosvika kuUniversity meaning you should have a real plan yehupenyu by now . These men will use you and dump you wanemimba , you are left alone kana zvaoma . Muchadzidza rini vasikana kuti when a guy is serious anoroora first . Besides whats the rush kuita zvechikuru , vakuru vacho varikungochema mudzimba umo . Speed ngaite shoma mumboita zvechikoro .
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+3#jackb2014-11-05 11:43
Taura hako like makanaka wakatama vana ava vane njere but nyava yekuda varume ndiyo inonetsa. Maybe inyaya yemat films nemawatsaap akauya aya ndiwo arikupandutsa vana.
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Hacha Ndizvo Dr
+1#Hacha Ndizvo Dr2014-11-05 13:17
There is nothing wrong with films - what is wrong is the imported western culture which has destroyed the African family fabric. The people that supported the girl child are no longer there - no Tete, no Gogo, no uncle, no aunt, no Sawhira. Parents are busy toiling day and night to put food on the table and hardly have time to monitor their children or talk to them. If my Grade One kid does not wait up for me I may never see her for Five (5) days of the week because I leave home and come back when she is in bed.
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+1#BIG BROTHER2014-11-05 12:01
why kill an innocent soul my sister
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-4#shelaz2014-11-06 06:49
why accusing my brother shez human too we all make mistakes
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Muchecheudzi Mukuru
+3#Muchecheudzi Mukuru2014-11-05 15:05
MaKristu ese ngatibatanei kunamatira nyika yedu yadai kupidiguka iyi
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+3#babarandall2014-11-05 16:56
Abortion is illegal in Zimbabwe and it must continue to remain so. Law breakers must be apprehended. Why relax the law bcz of stupid girls who can't shut their legs? Then all criminals must plead for leniency in their punishment.
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+3#Pearl2014-11-05 17:41
vamwe varikushaya hope nekushaiwa kuziva kuti vowanepi vana vamwe munotoita vekuuraya shuwa.
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ginger brown
-4#ginger brown2014-11-06 08:36
mwana anorwadza kuchengeta wega whether u are a single male parent or female, ustambe shasha
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0#babarandall2014-11-06 21:04
@ginger brown. Saka kuuraya ndo solution? Dai Ndaiva mai vako ndingadai ndakakupotsera mu sewage dam.
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0#CHIRIMUHANZU2014-11-09 08:05
kuda zvinhu sterek vasikana, chupittttt!!!!! ! dei akariitisa ma twins chaiwo, akaritadza ,zibenzi remusikana, mazuvano ma condoms angozara but munhu unomuona achiishingirira chete
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0#Bruno2014-11-12 12:30
No mater she killed a baby or an adult, she was supposed to get a stiffer punshiment.
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0#stshuzi2014-12-12 15:07
god forbid ooooooh
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