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A convict who was taunted while in jail by a man sleeping with his wife returned home to exact his revenge.

He abducted his wife's lover, held him for three days during which time he tortured him. Ranganai Mushaya (31) of Nil Township, Zvishavane is back behind bars after Magistrate Tavengwa Sangster remanded him in custody on charges of kidnapping, assault and robbery.

Mushaya is said to have stabbed his wife's lover Denford Moyo with a knife on the buttocks and assaulted him with a log until he could not get up. Out of curiosity to see the size of his rival's private parts Mushaya forced Moyo to have an erection until he ejaculated. He said he wanted to see the sperms that were getting into his wife, the court heard.

Mushaya is also accused of robbing the complainant of his mobile phone. Mushaya said he was extremely provoked by Moyo who answered his wife's phone when he called while in jail and told him not to worry about her as he was servicing her.  When the accused returned from prison he contacted Moyo purporting to be a friend who could find him some temporary jobs.

It is alleged that on December 15, 2014, Mushaya invited Moyo to meet him at Maglas turn-off and the complainant fell for the trap. When the two met the accused assaulted and force-marched the complainant after threatening him with a knife.  The two went into a bushy area where Mushaya ordered the complainant to lie on his stomach and he used a log to beat the complainant several times on the buttocks.

When the complainant tried to escape, he was caught and stabbed once on the back with a knife. Mushaya then walked his bleeding 'prisoner' home.  He kept him in captivity for days while he continued to assault him in the presence of his wife. The matter was brought to light by people who saw Moyo in a bad state. Cops then arrested Mushaya.

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