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In a case of suspected witchcraft, a Chitungwiza Family from Unit F that worships at Prophet Makandiwa's UFI church was flabbergasted beyond measure to return home Monday morning after the immensely popular event dubbed Judgment Night 2, only to find a nude 24 year old "witch" stuck near their house, with a keen excited mob keeping an eye on her.

The matter is now being handled by the Police. According to witnesses, the 24 year old Catherine Mugwande reportedly retired to bed on Sunday evening after watching a scary Witchcraft related African Movie. The following morning she woke up stark naked sitting on a pile of dry maize stems. She reportedly claimed that she had no idea how she ended up there.

Mr Michael Munzvengi whose Durawall is near the spot where the "astronaut" crash landed said: "We are UFI members, on Saturday we joined others at the National Sports Stadium for Judgement night and we only returned today. We were shocked when neighbours called us out to say a woman without clothes had been caught sitting near our durawall. I believe that her journey was cut short because this is an anointed area filled with UFI posters.

It is alleged that the woman's husband one Blessing Chikonzo was on night duty at work when concerned neighbours called and asked him to return home as his kids were just wailing in their house and their mother was nowhere to be seen. When Blessing returned, he searched everywhere for his wife, but could not find her, and filed a Police report. However, Catherine was discovered dazzled sitting on the pile of dry maize stems in the next morning.
In an effort to get to the bottom of the story, reporters paid a visit to house number 618 Unit F where the woman had been staying but on arrival a man who refused to be named disclosed that the couple had since moved out because of the "witchcraft saga".  He however furnished reporters with the phone number of the woman's husband.

The husband Blessed Chikonzo became livid when reporters called him to shed more details on the story, he confirmed that indeed he was Catherine's husband but he was not at all willing to divulge anything to the media pertaining to the issue.

"Yes I'm Catherine's husband but I am not going to tell you anything. Do your own research and find out. I no longer stay in Chitungwiza, I'm now based in Warren Park but I won't give you any information," he fumed.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor  Joyce Fusire confirmed that Catherine was supposed to appear in court on Wednesday but the trial failed to kick off as she is now required to undergo psychiatric tests.

Assistant Inspector Tariro Dube confirmed the incident and said Catherine was likely to be charged with public indecency.

"Yes I can confirm that we received a report of a woman who contravened the Public  Indecency Act. Catherine Mugwande was reported missing on the 20th of this month by her husband Blessed Chikonzo. On the 21st of April at around 6am Police Officers on duty were alerted and swiftly attended the scene. They got her a blanket to cover herself up before taking her to Makoni Police Station," said Asst Insp Dube.

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