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A 14-year-old boy was on Monday killed and devoured by a lion while guarding a family maize field in Mariga Village in Chapoto near Kanyemba Border Post in Mashonaland Central, towards Zambia.

Chief Peter Enock Chapoto said the child was killed and eaten around 3am and only the head was recovered. "They were sleeping in the field guarding against rhinos, elephants and buffaloes," said Chief Chapoto.

"Usually, we build a watch tower so that those manning the field sleep on a high place. However, the boy was in the company of his uncle and they decided to sleep on the ground. The lion came and attacked him before dragging him away."

Chief Chapoto said the area had a lot of wildlife and people had been killed by lions before.

"Almost four years ago, people were being attacked and killed by lions in this area. Usually, we co-exist with wild animals and we were surprised by the recent attack. We have informed the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and Mbire Council." Police said they had not yet received the report.

Several other people have been killed and devoured by lions in Zimbabwe. In 2012, My Zimbabwe News made international headlines after it reported that a Kariba naked man ran for dear life whilst wearing a condom after a 'jealous' lion pounced on a couple that was having bush sex and killed the woman.

According to sources who spoke to My Zimbabwe News, the man and his alleged girlfriend, who was identified as Sharai Mawera, were reportedly having sex in a bushy area situated in Mahombekombe suburb when a lion pounced on them.

"Unfortunately the woman, who was also known as Mai Desire, was mauled to death by the lion but her boyfriend managed to escape naked and he was only wearing a condom. The two were having their quality time near Mahombekombe Primary School," said a reliable source.

After realising the presence of the deadly wild animal in the midst of their alleged love nest, the survivor who was nude is said to have escaped for dear life and left his female counterpart behind to fake the music alone.

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