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 A church pastor has reportedly abandoned his wife to cohabit with a small house. Pastor Antony Chirinda of Life Light Word Ministries allegedly abandoned his wife of 12 years Estery Chirinda and their two children to live with Ellen Chilenje who is a congregant with the church.
Estery has since filed a $10k civil suit against Ellen with the Harare Civil Court as damages for being in an adulterous relationship with her husband. Estery said she first found out about her husband and Ellen when Ellen started having counselling sessions with Pastor Antony when she got divorced.
“At first I wasn’t sure that they were having an adulterous affair.
“I started suspecting it when my husband started visiting Ellen and coming back home very late and he told me he was having a series of counselling sessions with her since she had been through a divorce.
“It became a habit for him and he ended up sleeping over at Ellen’s house that was when I became sure they were having an adulterous affair.
“There was also a time I was away from home and I was told by our eldest son that Ellen came to my house and slept in our matrimonial bedroom.
“I asked my husband and he said she came because he was counselling her the whole night and that was not convincing to me,” she said.
With regards Estery said her husband’s adulterous behaviour affected the church to such an extent that a lot of people left.
“He (Pastor Antony) used to have a gift of healing and deliverance but nowadays none of those miracles happen in church because of his sinful life.
“A lot of people have left the ministry after he started having an affair with this woman, Church leaders are also divided over him some supporting him whilst others condemned what he did.
“One sunday he shocked the whole congregation after he announced that he was single and searching; I was really hurt, I was also in the church that day,” she said.
“Right now I am desperate for accommodation; I had to return to my parents place with the children after I was evicted from a house which belonged to a church deacon because he instructed the deacon to evict me.
“I am now claiming $10k from Ellen as adultery damages. I filed my application with the high Court and I am yet to be given a date by the clerk of court,” she added.
When contacted for comment the pastor confirmed moving out of the house but denied staying with Ellen.
“We are on separation but I am not staying with Ellen; I am staying with my brother’s children and we had irreconcilable differences that is why our marriage ended,” he said.
Ellen could not entertain our call when told of the allegations, choosing to hang her phone.
“Even if its true what do u want to do about it,” she said before hanging the phone.

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